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Custom ENG localization with full vehicles names

I was wondering, why pilots are always go "unconscious" but never "killed". I wished to change that text for myself, and i have found how to do that.
But then i have noticed, that localizations have full vehicles names, but in game for some reason all vehicles are named similar ("heavy tank"/"medium tank"/"AAA"/etc.).
It means you can destroy soviet medium tank or german medium tank, but you don't know, what tank it was exactly.
And that is strange, because localizations are already have full names.
So besides "killed" text i decided to change all vehicles to it's full names.

Now it looks like that:





As a bonus, if some1 was shot down by AAA it shows was airfield AAA or some other.
//and some other texts also changed

As it has taken a lot of time to change all vehicles to they full names, I want to share it.

How to apply this "localization":

1) download archive from here or here
2) extract to game folder
it must create "lang" folder with many files
3) in file "War Thunder\config.blk" you must find debug section and add to this section parameter "testLocalization:b=yes"
//also i have some other ideas to add more fun to messages, but will make them later

//16/08/08 updated

//16/05/7 updated

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