[0041863] [ ]AD-2 has wrong reload time, again.

  In arcade battles, the AD-2 Skyraider has the reload time of a fighter of over 6 minutes. I took screenshots to compare it to other attackers/bombers in the line, including the A-20G, the SB2C-4, the PBJ-1H, and the AD-2 itself. All of these planes in the line besides the AD-2 have the attacker/bomber reload time. I know there was already a thread about this, but the issue came back again. I am also attaching the DxDiag and clog files.Sm8JRxg.jpg?1gp8Ie6M.jpg?128D8NEV.jpg?1fC5H7pW.jpg?1t5PJBMK.jpg?1DpAlxgE.jpg?1

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Hello, Logern_H.

Your information has been forwarded to the developers.
Tracker ID: 0041863

This thread will remain unlocked for one week (7 days) so that anyone with additional information\evidence\examples will have a place to post.
It will also serve as a place where the developers may post questions for you to answer, so please keep up to date here.

Thank you for your help improving the game and your effort. =)

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