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[Competition] Artistic Freedom


Noseart created by MightyArrow, B-24 Skin created by bobpie1



Dear Pilots and Tankers!


Today we have something a little different to our previous Loving the Unloved contests, it’s time to get creative with your skinning!


Aircraft nose-art is quite the beautiful thing, therefore, we want you, the Live War Thunder Community, to create the most unique and beautiful nose-art’s imaginable (keeping within the traditional designs from history of course). P-51’s, B-17’s, Lancaster’s...It’s entirely up to you.      


You all have two weeks,  beginning now! It’s time to release some Artistic Freedom upon War Thunder!  #noseart



You have two weeks to design and create your best nose-art skins using any of the aircraft in game. The top 3 skins will be selected by the Live.WT moderation team.

  • First place will receive the largely sought after A-26C-45 Invader, a choice of a hidden vehicle (see below) and 2000 GE.

  • Second will receive two choices of the hidden vehicles (see below) and 1000GE.

  • Third will receive a single choice of the hidden vehicles (see below) and 500 GE.

*choice from the following aircraft: Po-2, TB-3, SM-79 1937, SB-2M-103 MV-3Yer-2 M-105R TAT, DB-7, Gladiator Mk.IIF


Entries must be made on Live.WT site!

More details can be found on Live.WT site!



Discuss it here



Good luck on your mission!

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