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Hello chaps,


guess what, its me again, with yet another copy-paste based old bugreport. Right now, we are talking about "Schwarzgrau" once again. This has already been suggested by Bombastikus in May 2015, and at the time the reply was "impossible" because the of the game engine having troubles with rendering the color on old rigs.





Why do I repost it then ? Well, one thing has changed.


The game is supposed to run in a new Dagor graphic engine. for sure it cannot be any problem to render RAL7021 with a brand new tech.


So, there is the mayor change, and also the reason for this repost. The material usage has been authorized by the initial poster, Bombastikus. His shall also receive full credit if this report makes a difference.


Bombastikus, on 16 Feb 2016 - 8:27 PM, said: 

However, if you want to give it a try you certainly have my permission to just copy-paste and edit my bugreport and try to resubmit it!


So, with pleasantries over, here comes the report itself:  



Posted 09 May 2015 - 12:18 PM

Vehicles affected: Every german tank with grey colourscheme!


Something has been bugging me for quite a while now, this being the colour of low tier german tanks.


Basically every tank that has just a grey colour scheme is wrong. They are far to bright. Luckily, this can be easily verified. Germans used a standardized colouring system which is still used today. That system is called RAL!




The colour they used for their grey paint was called RAL 7021 Schwarzgrau (then called "Dunkelgrau" aka dark grey). I don't know if you need historical sources for this but just googleWehrmachtsgrau and you find this RAL7021 colour in literally thousands of modeller sites and shops. So THAT is the colour they used for their tanks. I assume this can be accepted as it is. (I can also quote Spielberger if you like, but I assume  this is not necessary.)


Here a link to the offical RAL shop:



So, we are looking at THIS colour:







Now let's compare to what we have ingame:





What we have here is a Panzer IV F2 in testdrive on a clear day. I have impossed a sample of the RAL7021 colour beside it.

Now all my settings are pretty much on default, I don't use any kind of colour correction and my gamma is also on default level. It is very very clear that the grey is just too damn bright. Now even if we assume it appears a bit brighter ingame because it is a clear and sunny day...it is still a LONG way from what we should have. Even standing in the shadows this grey is brighter than RAL7021!


This is an issue especially in RB/SB where this VERY BRIGHT grey paintscheme is easily spotted.


Here another example...a Jgdpz. 38t painted in Wehrmachtsgrau. Again it is clear that this looks VERY different from what we have ingame.:







This one is really easy. They colour scheme needs to be adjusted for the internationlly recognized and standardized RAL colour! There really is no excuse to use any other colour since we know they used them and the exact properties of this colour is known and STILL USED TODAY.


Please fix this! Let me know if you need anything else!






Also, more info is in the original thread, which is linked in the report "preambule".


Looking forward to see the proper color ingame.


Thanks and regards,




PS: I did not find any clog/diag files in the original report, so I suppose these should not be needed. If I am wrong, please let me know. I can for sure provide these files. 

FredericusRer (Posted )

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