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The HotShotZ A.K.A. [HSZ] Looking for FRB pilots

Hey! I'm FillaReallA I founded HSZ \ HotShotZ  when I was beta testing Counter strike HL mod back in the day. We ain't huge don't care if we are or not.


Are you new to war thunder? Join us we love helping Noobs to step up their game. WARNING We are a FRB only Squadron. Arcade Easy street was obviously for children or players with little to no skill at all. 


So if  your lookin to step up your game and get max, xp, and lions every match... Welcome home.


Join my Teamspeak the ip is Just poke an admin or operator  and we willl get you set up. So come meet the the rest of HSZ... none are as good looking as my self, but the they are great people and we always welcome new friends.  


HotShotZ Follows only 1 very strict rule NO PUNK ASS BITCHES, WHINERS, or Complainers... That is all we ask. The reason for only having 1 rule is that all other rules are common sense So if you know how to act we don't need but 1 rule.  


FillARealla says "Ain't nothing op in this game but me!! Im OP... Its not the plane its the Pilot" I wont let my gaming community become what most gamers and communities have become... NO SIR


I will swing the Ban hammer once the complaints get outta hand, My people wont be exposed to such a sissy and childish way of gaming.


y'all all herd me and y'all all know who you are...  mmm hmmm


Come Fly with me, come fly come fly away...

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