New "German" Top Tier Light Tank: TAM / TH301

TAM/TH301   268 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the TAM/TH301 be introduced?

    • Yes - the TAM Only.
    • Yes - The TH301 Only.
    • Yes - Both the TAM and the TH301 as upgrade to the TAM
    • No
  2. 2. What BR do you see this being if it is introduced?

    • Tier V 7.3
    • Tier V 7.7
    • Tier V 8.0
  3. 3. Does this belong in the German Tree?

    • Yes - It was designed and developed by Germany, In Germany.
    • No - While the above is true, it was only used by Argentina, so doesn't belong in the German Tree.

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38 minutes ago, Nope said:


That seems to be a number for sanic fast ready rack loading. Might be 6 seconds sustained.

That's with the rack in the back of the turret opened. Opening and closing the rack blast door is automatic and takes like 1,5 sec. You would repack the ready rack whrnever possible.


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Posted (edited)

On 3/20/2017 at 2:31 PM, Wilhuff_Tarkin_ said:

And i think you should stop searching for vehicles that never served in any of nations TT we have in game.

Vickers MBT is not British. They never used it just like Germans never used TAM.

The STRV 81 was Swedish not British didn't stop it from being added and if i'm not mistaken you dislike the addition of prototypes so what else is there to add? British need to fill out their tree as they have a very small selection, and there isn't exactly enough true British vehicles to add in, same goes for top tier Germany. Plus the Vickers MBT was made by the British for export purposes do technically it is still British, which is similar in a way to the TAM as it was designed and developed through a German firm and proposed as the TH301 to the German military.

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2 hours ago, Scharfschutze_99 said:

+1 to this i want this in normal tree maybe at 7.0 I guess (not sure though)

maybe is a bit low... the TH301 can fit perfectly at 7.7 BR...


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I think we should make something clear here, this thing is on an equal level to the leopard. Its more modern but has the con of having the turret in the back. It has 75 mm of frontal armor (55 on TAM) that is slightly more sloped than the leopard but wont stop anything above a 75mm.


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Suggestion passed to the developers for review.


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