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[Optional][Linux] Installing Inxi To Find Hardware and Video Driver Information


Inxi is a command line tool that runs Unix based commands to find important hardware and video driver information. It will give a complete run down of your system and provide all the information of your system. In comparison it's very similar to the DxDiag configuration tool in Microsoft Windows. The information inxi provides is critical for finding and fixing issues when it comes to an operating system specific issue, eg, Mesa, Nvidia, AMD Drivers and potentially Kernels' of the operating system in use.
Please remember this is completely optional if you don't wish to add anymore software to your Linux distribution, feel free to visit this thread for the commands that we require to forward Linux bug reports.
Installing Inxi (Fedora, ArchLinux, Ubuntu)
1. Open a Terminal
2. Install it via your distributions package manager. Inxi is also provided on github if you wish to get it there
pacman -S inxi (ArchLinux)
sudo apt-get install inxi (Ubuntu)
yum install inxi (Fedora, CentOS)
Whenever submitting a bug report, while using inxi, provide the full output of inxi by using the -F option. 



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