Ju 88 A-4 Guide (RB)

The Ju 88 A-4 is a versatile aircraft that is rather easy to fly. It is excellent in both bomber and dive bomber roles. It has an excellent payload of 2400 kg. (~5000lbs) the highest of all tier 1 planes. It has a rather favorable battle rating of 2.0, putting it against planes like the p36, p40, and the f4f. The aircraft's defensive armament is underwhelming, consisting of two 13 mm machine guns (dorsal and ventral turrets) and one 7.92 mm machine gun in the nose. However, with a bit of skill and luck, you can knock out enemy planes.

The Ju 88 is very fast for a medium bomber, and it's speed should be taken advantage of. Use your airspawn, and go into a shallow dive. You don't have to worry about your speed until it reaches around 500 kph. If you do end up going that fast, use your airbrake.

As I mentioned before, the Ju 88 is a very versatile medium bomber. It is effective against bases, airfields, and tank/ armored car columns alike. As the plane has a bombsight, you have the luxury of having a bombing reticule in third-person view. Use this to your advantage when bombing vehicles.

The Ju 88 is very stable in maneuvers, allowing you to throw the plane around as if you were playing in AB. This can come as a large advantage of you are trying to run from enemy fighters. You can use the Ju 88's diving ability to help get rid of spitfires, whose wings rip easily. The aircrafts's maneuverablity can easily surprise inexperienced enemy fighter pilots.

When fighting against a Ju 88, DO NOT hang behind it. Instead make quick diving attacks from a steep angle, as the Ju 88's turrets have a poor vertical reach. Also, the Ju 88 cannot fly on one engine. Use this to your advantage, and try to knock out its engines. You typically want to attack in pairs, making it more difficult for the Ju 88's gunners.

The Ju 88 is not good at taking off when fully loaded. I recommend putting flaps in takeoff position, and holding WEP. Don't pitch up to get your wheels on the ground. Let the wings lift the plane up on their own. After you are in the air, lift your gear and level up about 100-200 meters off the ground. Level off, and after you get to about 200 kph, lift your flaps. Gain speed, then climb at a 10 degree angle. Use WEP as needed. When landing, be careful to come in slow. It is rather easy to crush your landing gear. As always with tail-dragging planes, make sure you don't brake too much. You usually don't need to be careful about this, but better safe than sorry. Use your airbrake freely when landing, it helps a great deal in slowing down.

When you are researching modules for the Ju 88, you want to go for the payload and turret unlocks first. The default plane already performs well and is reasonably durable, so don't worry about those unlocks. Make sure you eventually research them, though.

I hope you found this guide helpful. I will be making more guides in the future.
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I love flying the Ju, so far i won 60 out of 79 matches, got 15 air kills, died 13 times and got some 600 gorund units kills... its so good, but don't think its a gunship like A-20s etc...

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