Q&A with Vyacheslav (BVV_d) Bulannikov

1. What tanks are you working on right now?

 BVV_d​: "Currently we are tuning British tanks planned to be added in the next major update. For example vehicles such as the Centurion tanks: e.g. Mk.3 with 20-pounder cannon and Mk.10 with L7."

2. Which reserve tanks will Britain get?

 BVV_d​: "One of the lines will start with Tetrarch Mk.I, and the other one with A.13 Mk.I - a version without additional armour - these are rather dynamic tanks compared to other reserves. "

3. Which FireFly versions do you plan to add except premium “Scorpion”? ?

 BVV_d​: "In the main tree we will have Sherman VC Firefly - it has a bit of a different hull and is based on a different Sherman modification, several changes in the turret but overall it will have characteristics similar to the premium variant. "

4. What Churchill modifications will we have in the game?

 BVV_d​: "All “Churchills’ can be nominally divided into a few groups depending on the armament they had. At the start, we will add a Churchill Mk.III with the 6 pounder gun and the Churchill Mk.VII with a 75mm cannon"

5.How will British solid shots work?

 BVV_d​: "Their performance depends on the calibre, remaining penetrating power and ammo type - these factors affect the amount of secondary shards, angle of dispersion, how powerful and deadly they are etc."

6. How do you gather information about the British tanks?

 BVV_d:​ "While working on the British tanks we often communicate with Bovington tank museum which has armoured vehicles in working order and very rare vehicles. We purchased a lot of literature and high-quality photographs that cannot be found in open sources and these materials are the ones we use while working on the tanks. "

7. Please tell us, which tank will be the top British ground vehicle?

 BVV_d: "Currently we have the Chieftain in development - a tank with the most powerful gun (APCR round) but it’s too early to say when it will be added to the game. "

8. Can you tell us about the future of the rocket tanks in War Thunder?

 BVV_d: "We plan to add rocket tanks for the USSR and Britain. We will have a devblog about a Soviet rocket tank that will most likely appear in 1.55"

9. Will we see reactive armour?

 BVV_d: "Reactive armour first appeared in the 70’s to 80’s which is too far from the period the game is based around. Of course our engine allows us to do this but we don’t have anything like that planned, at least not in the nearest future."

10. What about armoured vehicles of the other nations that are not yet represented in the game?

 BVV_d: "As separate trees we perhaps will add France and Japan. France had enough interesting vehicles but of course there are some gaps - in game terms these are ranks 3 and 4 while rank 1,2 and 5 have a big choice of interesting machinery. As for the Japanese tree, there are lots of prototypes and vehicles produced in small numbers. The Italians also seem possible as a part of another nation. "

11. Will you rework the lower front plate of the Т-10М?

 BVV_d​: "In the nearest minor update, the T-10M will be completely reworked - both the 3d model and the Damage Model. Also we are currently reworking the IS-3 and several other vehicles. "

12. What about armoured cars? Will we see them in the game?

 BVV_d​: "The first armoured car will be added to the British tree, it will be a SPAA - armoured and on a wheeled chassis."


The War Thunder Team

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