Missing Payloads for British Aircraft

Sea Fury


Currently it has access to 2x 500lb bombs and 12x 60lb rockets. 


However it is missing access to certain payloads. 


2x 1000lb bombs


The Sea Fury could also apparently carry these:




These are 180lb Triplex Rockets. 


In configuration of 4x 180lb Triplex Rockets


2x 180lb Triplex Rockets and 2x 500lb bombs. 




Meteor F.3 and F.4


Currently the F.3 and F.4 Meteors are missing the payload of 2x 1000lb bombs and at least 8x rockets, currently they have no payload.

While the payload tended not to be mounted, the Meteors were more than capable of mounting these bombs.

While not exactly primary source


But both reference Gunston, Bill - The Encyclodepia of the Worlds Combat aircraft, 1976,


It's even mentioned on the Gaijin War Thunder wiki.


Here you can see at the bottom an Gloster Meteor F.4 E.E.519 with a pair of 1000lb bombs.



Meteor F.8


Currently in game the Meteor F.8 has access to 2x 1000lb bombs, 8x 60lb rockets or 8x 127mm rockets. However the F.8 Meteor had access to the "Reaper" Modification allowing the F.8 to carry 16-24x 60lb rockets. They F.8 Meteor could also carry 4x 1000lb bombs or it could carry 2x 1000lb bombs under the fuselage and 8x HVAR Rockets under the wings.






Which saw extensive use in Korea with the RAAF.


Showing the Meteor F.8 Carrying 4x 1000lb bombs.




Blackburn Firebrand TF MK IV


Currently the Blackburn Firebrand is missing the ability to carry 2x 1000lb bombs. It's also missing the ability to carry 16x 60lb rockets.


De Havilland Vampire FB.5


The Vampire is currently lacking these load outs of 2x 500lb bombs, as well as 2x 500lb bombs and 8x 60lb rockets. 


(have to scroll down to the Vampire FB.5 section) (mentions 500lb bombs and RP)







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