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Guide to creating complicated spot designs:

(This is a re-upload after removed the guide section)

Guide to creating/replicating complicated spot designs, or fun swirl patterns in

(other software might have a tool such as this)


Pictures are included to help with the process :)


First you will need to open or install


~ Next open your Blank skin or skin that you are working on:






~ Then Paste the reference image into a new layer, scale this to (mostly) line up with your plane's side and lower its transparency:






~ Now create another layer and in this start filling in/marking the positions of the spots on the skin. NOTE: Do not bother with small brushes and detail, a size 30-40 should be sufficient (for these sized dots):






~ Fill out all the dots:






~ Now go to Effects -> Distort -> Dents, USE THIS ON YOUR "SPOTS" LAYER, Mix and match these setting to create your desired look:






~ Finally, perform the same process on the rest of the skin, add extra detail, etc: 






~ And you are done:



UBqUMDB.jpgI hope you have learned something.

Enjoy :D

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