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Planned changes to BR and MM




Obviously the most complex air battles Matchmaking currently creates involve rank 5. There are several reasons for this: The first one is the amount of players at this rank, also there is a problem of significant technological differences compared to earlier ranks. Thus the Me-262A-1a  - a German rank 5 fighter - formerly joined the battles with La-15’s,  F9F’s and Venoms where it was difficult to have a significant impact on the battle.  

The new change will affect all jet aircraft and they are divided into three groups:

  1. Early era - The first jet aircraft, sometimes inferior to top piston engine aircraft.
  2. Mid era - Vehicles that have mostly better performance than their piston engine counterparts
  3. Top aircraft - Vehicles that completely surpass piston engine aviation.

All groups will be connected with each other. Thus early and mid era machines will not be matched with top aircraft. E.g. The Soviet Yak-15 in RB may meet the MiG-9, but will never see a Meteor F Mk.III. See the details in the sheet below.


Equally Important:

Also, all Battle Rank brackets after BR 6.7 will have restrictions to the amount of top vehicles. If the battle was assembled with BR +/- 1.0 (for example 6.7 - 7.7), the amount of top aircraft included in a battle can not be higher than 25% for the team.

A special thank you to those players who participated in the constructive discussion of ideas to improve the gameplay on the highest ranks. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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