Battle Rating & Economy Changes, September 2015

Dear Players!
Here you can find the Battle Rating & Economy changes to be implemented immediately.
Final brackets where Quantitative MM will be applied with the introduction of new BRs

  • Tanks: 6.7 - 7.7  /  7.0-7.7
  • Aircraft: 6.7-7.7  /  7.0-8.0  /  7.3-8.3
  • There is a limit of 4 top vehicles per team, except at BR 7.0-7.7 - here we have a limit in 6 top vehicles per team.

Aircraft & Ground Vehicle Battle Rating changes (you can switch at the bottom):

Note: Similar Premium and regular vehicles will now share the same BR based on their combined performance statistics.


Additional changes:

  • Heavy tank IS-2 "Revenge" receives an additional shell type: BR-471D
  • Heavy tank IS-2 mod. 1944 receives an additional shell type: BR-471D
  • SPG Su-122P receives an additional shell type: BR-471D

Aircraft & Ground Vehicle Economy changes (you can switch at the bottom):

Provide feedback here!

Thulle_ (Posted )

If you are missing certain module after the patch which was changed in the sheet, please play 1 battle to get it back.
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