High Ping or Frame Rate Issues please read here

The quality of the connection to the game servers and therefore your experience while playing depends on the game servers selected.  You should select the game servers closest to your location (EU;US;RU;SA) which will ensure less latency. Your own connection to the Internet (user's bandwidth) depends also on the connection type (ie: wireless/cable, router/firmware). This affects the upload/download speeds of data packets, which also depends on your ISP's routers/connection nodes management and maintenance.

Regarding ISP's routers, the connection between your device and the game servers depends on how well they are maintained and managed, as this directly affects the data packets transfer and transmission of data between users PC's and game servers. More simply explained, an ISP router node can overflow due to the high number of connections and packets (which also is influenced by time-zones and web-services accessed). Whilst another ISP router node is restricting those connections, when it should receive connections and data packets from the ISP router having the overflow issue. This would ensure optimal data packet transfer and therefore better, faster upload/download of data.   The ISP's routers management and maintenance is also influenced by safety/management protocols, depending on data type and the ISP's own communication control policies.

At your side, you must certify your connection quality, by keeping router maintenance (ensuring recent firmware is installed) and the Operating System up to date. Also please ensure the programs installed are working correctly and do not affect the connection to the Internet. Many social media applications use considerable bandwidth and computer resources. You should also use applications and/or functions (installed programs and/or Operating System functions) to maintain and assure the optimal function of the system, for example, disk defragmentation, clearing caches (router/browser), a clean boot, or clear DNS. Also, it is very important that whilst playing online games you keep any other applications closed as they may consume bandwidth, therefore causing higher latency.


Please also be advised that those of you who have updated to Windows 10 may need to shut down the communication that Microsoft now reports about you and your browsing history, applications installed and used, software preferences etc back to Redmond.  This process uses considerable bandwidth.  You may wish to turn these features off if you are having bandwidth issues.   Recently, Microsoft has responded to many people not upgrading to Windows 10 (because of Privacy concerns) by rolling out similar updates for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1. 


See the links below.

(Links provided are ones the Tech Mods use themselves, however they have no connection with and are not endorsed by Gaijin Entertainment)


Or if you prefer simply type Windows 10 tracking or Turn off Windows 10 tracking into any Browser


Thank you.


StarsWalker, KotA

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