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[IMPORTANT] Guidelines for Linux Bug Reporting


When submitting a bug report in the Linux section, please be sure you follow the following guidelines as closely as possible:

  • One issue per topic.
  • Be sure to use the search function to ensure a report does not already exist for the issue in question.
  • Ensure the title clearly reflects the issue at hand.
  • Where possible, always attach a screenshot of the issue at hand. (Made using the in game screenshot function.)
  • Always attach the Client Log (.clog file) for every issue. For crashes, please attach a Crash Dump File (.dmp file).
  • If the issue is related to the client launcher, please ensure you attach the latest launcher log file.
  • Always include hardware information, helpful commands can be found here:
  • Optionally you can use inxi to find hardware and video information:
  • If a specific sequence of actions is required to reproduce, please clearly state this in the correct order.
  • Please always include steps to reproduce if possible.
  • Please make sure to summarize the problem in your topic title as short and precise as possible.
    Also, add the current client version in brackets in front of your post, e.g: "[]  <Issue>"

Client logs and Crash Dump Files can be found here: ~/.config/WarThunder/.game_logs

Launcher logs can be found here:  /WarThunder/.launcher_log

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