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So I had an idea to make a cammo for a couple of tanks to upload to the War Thunder community, to do so you need to go to the CDK and find the tanks RGB and Alpha files and that stuff and then customize them in Photoshop, gimp or whatever other software.


So to shorten this up and get to the point, I have the Asset Viewer CDK where you get these files, but here is the problem, In the asset viewer, there is a main folder called "Root", in there you have to open a folder called "#gameRes", and then go to pkg_main_tanks for the tank files you are looking for, but I dont have pkg_main_tanks. 


Now I have a "pkg_tank_tank" folder with the types of  files i'm looking for but for the tanks im looking for. (The tanks i'm looking for are T-26-4 & BT-5)


The photo shows what im talking about, many "pkg" but no "main_tanks" folder :(


There are plenty of "pkg" folders but no "main_tanks" folder

I have the latest 2 of July CDK update so that's not the problem 


Please can someone help me figure this out. Maybe I'm dumb and cant see it, just someone help.

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