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[Data Sheet] Rogozarski LVT 1 [Yugoslavia]


Model:Rogozarski Lovac Vazduhoplovno-Tehnicki 1
Technical Description: Hurricane Mk I/E produced on license in Yugoslavia fitted with D.B. 601 Aa from one of the Yugoslavian BF-109 E3s.


Visual Aspects:





Short History: In 1941. there was a project about improving performance Rogozarski IK-3 fighter by instaling a more powerfull engine. Out of 3 engines considered stronger Hispano Suiza V12 engine became unavailable because of Fall of France so two other options were Rolls-Royce Merlin III engine and Daimler Benz DB 601Aa. So to test which one is better they took one Hurricane and replaced Merlin engine with the DB 601 one.Then they tested performance of standard Hurricane against modified one named LVT-1. LVT-1 was superior in every aspect and DB 601 engine also allowed instaling a 20mm motorcannone. Test were succesfull and all IK-3s in production would receive DB 601 engine replacement if it was not for worsened relations between Yugoslavia and Germany which would result in Axis invasion.


Operational history: Even though it was a test aircraft, good performance it performed and no failures with new engine promoted LVT-1 in operational service. LVT-1 actually was involved in first aerial combar in the war. In the first day of the war, April 6th 1941, LVT-1 pilot intercepted a BF-110 on a reconaisance mission and forced him to land in Kraljevo. That BF-110 would be used later in the war by the Royal Yugoslavian Air Force in defence of the country.Day later LVT-1 intercepted some German fighters and was heavilly damaged and forced to land somewhere in Kosovo region of the country. Faith of the plane after that is unknown.




Production Status

First flight: Early March 1941
Introduction year: Early April 1941, few days before the war

Status: test aircraft-protoype

Number built: 1


Crew Data
Number of crew: 1
Roles of crew: pilot
Engine Data (Piston Aircraft)
Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz
Name: DB 601Aa
Number of engines: 1
Number of cylinders: 12

Configuration: inline

Cooling: liquid-coled
Supercharger / Turbo: Gear-driven single-speed centrifugal type supercharger
Fuel:87 octane
Dry weight: 590kg
Gear ratio:1:1.55



Fuel Data
Fuel tanks: 441 l total in fuel
Fuel consumption:
Power Data
Take Off Power: 1175 hp
Maximum Power: 1175 hp at sea level, 1085 hp at 3700m
Cruising Power:
Propellor Data
Type: V.D.M 9-110814, 3,1 meters in diametar
Number of blades: 3


Radio: Standard R-10, range of 50 km


Sights: Collimateur Cretien E.T.Ae modelle 1933.

Basic Geometric Data
Length: 9,55m
Wing span: 12,20 m
Wing area: 24 m2
Height: 4,07m
Weight Data

Fuel:441 l
Oil:48 l
Empty weight: 2200 kg
Loaded weight: 2855 kg
General Performance Data
Maximum speed: 557 km/h

Minimum speed:

Landing speed:
Cruising speed: 360 km/h
Service ceiling: 11 000m
Range: 845 km

Cruising altitude: 3 700 m

Cruising speed endurance:

Maximum speed endurance:

Take off run:

Landing run:


Max Speed Chart

 557 km/h at 3 700 meters

Rate of Climb

Initial climb speed: 13,3 m/s
1 x 20mm HS.404, motorcannon

Ammo: 60 rounds

Rate of fire: 700 rpm

M. Velocity: 880 m/s

Catridge: 20x110mm

Gun weight: 60 kg


8 x 7,92mm FN-Browning, 4 in each wing

Ammo: 320 rounds per gun

Rate of fire: 1200-1500 rpm

M. Velocity: 850 m/s

Catridge: 7,5x54mm MAS .mod 1929

Gun weight: 9,5 kg


HS. 404: Ball, Incendiary, HE, Tracer




This is pretty incomplete data sheet but it is only from one source so it would be great if we could find another one. Overall it would be great tier 2 premium plane sitting at around 3.0 BR. It is very interesting combination of two different designs, and it would be pretty crazy to fly pretty quick Hurricane while hearing the sound of BF-109 engine :D. Aircraft has good performance and excelent armament for its tier so it would be very competitive.





April 1941, Lovacki avioni vazduhoplovstva Vojske Kraljevine Jugoslavije, "Naša krila" special edition, Beograd, April 2001., Mario Hrelja and Bojan Dimitrijević (with asistents).

Special thanks to AttoMelani for providing this source! :yes:

Neil Gregor Daimler-Benz in the Third Reich. Yale University Press, 1998

Anthony G. Williams and Emmanuel Gustin, Flying Guns World War II, Airlife UK, 2003.

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nice, if u can finish the sheet this will defiantly be a good premium.

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