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Tempest Vickers P.


What is the Tempest Vickers P?

The Tempest Vickers P was a concept plane designed due to the lacking ability of the 40mm armed hurricane IID in destroying Tiger 1 tanks in north Africa, The air staff put out an issue in 1942 for a 47mm airborne anti-tank gun which would fire a 4lb 9oz (2.07kg) solid AP shot at 2,650 fps (808m/s) with a rate of fire no less then 60 rounds a minute.


Vickers were contracted to make the rounds, case piece was 326mm long, the rim diameter at 59.7mm with the body diameter at 52.3mm, the shot was typical of most other British rounds of the time, solid AP shot with no HE filler, overall with the shot fitted the round was 474mm long.


The gun it's self was in contest by three firms of the time, Vickers, Rolls-Royce and the war office design department, the project was known as the "class P gun" as such the competing designs were known as PV (Vickers) PR (Rolls-Royce) PC (for the Chief superintendent of armament design in the war office).


Complete information about the three projects does not appear to have survived. The PR gun was designed with two different barrel lengths, a 70-calibre barrel (with which the muzzle velocity was calculated to be 2,675 fps or 815 m/s) which was about 4.3 m long overall, and a 52-calibre version. The gun was belt-fed and used a long-recoil design; the weapon recoiled 66 cm on firing, generating a peak recoil of just over 2,000 kg. The PC gun weighed 250-270 kg and recoiled only 30 cm, thereby generating a stronger peak recoil of 3,560 kg. This was magazine fed with two alternative designs; a 30-round flat box lying across the gun's body, and a 34-36 round drum wrapped around the rear of the gun. Overall length was 4.5-4.7m respectively. No information is recorded about the PV gun.


The PV and PC guns were made but were not ready for firing until close to the end of the war. The PR gun was cancelled before completion during the war when Rolls-Royce were directed to cease work on guns. None of the Class P guns proceeded beyond the prototype stage. However a Tempest V was fitted with two of the Vickers guns in under-wing pods just after the war, but no records have been found concerning this installation, although at least some photographs of the aircraft equipped with the 47mm guns survives, as shown:




So how is it in-game?

In game the Tempest VP sits at tier 4 just after the Tempest Mk.V with a BR of 4.0 in all modes(AB,RB and SB), performance wise it differs little from the Mk.V only in that it has a lower top speed and longer turn time due to the added weight and drag from the twin 47mm guns.


The guns them selves only have 72 rounds between them (36 each), this means you have only 36 shots so you have to make them count so as tempting as it may sound to go after a low and slow bomber, don't, even if you do get a shot into one chances are you aren't going to do a lot of damage because the only rounds you have are AP, so unless you get lucky and hit some thing important you will most likely get shot down by his rear gunners.


Use it as it was intended, ground strike, now the main thing to consider when using this plane is that the guns are mounted under the wings, now why do you need to consider this? because the guns will have a conversion point, with its high speed you'll need to set the point to about 600m or more, less then this you risk crashing into things as you wait to get to the conversion point.


Tactics for AB.

When used in AB you have to time your attacks according to what is happening around you, as it only has 2 47mm guns it's it hardly suited for engaging enemy aircraft as such you have to avoid as much action as possible, find an area with ground units that is farthest away from the main action and go to work, try to get side shots on tanks to grantee a kill, frontal shots may bounce, for light pillboxes you'll need both rounds to hit, if one misses you'll just receive a "hit" and will have to loop around for another shot, if however an enemy does come your way use the powerful engine and zoom away towards friendlies as fast as possible, how ever if you are forced to engage just be wary that your ammo is very limited and is only solid AP and your fire rate is much slower then most other guns, other then that it can be extremely rewarding to shoot some one down with it, but if you go in for this thrill expect a short life span.  


Tactics for RB and SB.

In RB and SB things can be abit easier, larger maps offer more space to move in and avoid the main action reducing your chance of being spotted, It also helps that the tempest is fast, this lets you flank around the map sides at the start and engage ground units before the enemy can even spot you, if you are spotted you can simply out run most enemies though be careful as you engine does get hot fast when using WEP.



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