Planned Battle Rating Changes, 10.06.2015

Dear Players!


Here you can find the planned Battle Rating and Rank/Position changes, to be implemented on 15th of June 2015:


The ranks and/or tech-tree positions of the following vehicles have been changed:

  • ZIS-30 moved from Rank I to Rank II
  • ISU-152 moved from Rank V to Rank IV
  • SU-100 moved after ISU-152 on Rank IV
  • Panther Ausf. F moved from Rank V to Rank IV

The amount of respawns for Simulator Battles for the following vehicles has been changed:

  • SB spawns of Coelian from 1 to 2

The following Battle Ratings have been changed (you can switch between aircraft and ground vehicles at the top):




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