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The M4 Sherman model is really an early version of the M4A3

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NOTE: Not quite too sure if this is the right spot for this but I couldnt find a spot to "report it". As its barely a bug and something that is very likely to be "fixed," so instead, I figured this is a good place to discuss it.


To understand what I mean by this, we must first understand that the Sherman line of tanks were not only M4, M4A1, etc... as within those models there were variations, specifically in the turret, and much more importantly in the Hull/Chasis, which is what we will be focusing on today. In short, each of the M4-M4A3 (not sure about M4A4 and up) hulls were modified to act as better armor. The slope was changed from 60/57 degrees to 47 degrees. This also had the added benefit of making the hatches easier to get in and out of. Unfortunately for us, as the switch was with all tanks, it made it harder for us to find the real differences from official sources, but they are normally denoted with a "W" showing the "wet rack" storage of ammo. Below is a quick example of this with the M4A3, as the others do not show both variants.



Note the M4A3 late also has HVSS and is also an E8 designation.


Now that this is understood, we can examine how War Thunders M4 Sherman model is actually the model of an early production variant of the M4A3 Sherman.

Here is an M4A3 Early:



Here is an M4A3 Late


This is the M4 in War Thunder:



As we can see, besides the "skirts" the Tank is the exact same, from the angle of the glacis (easily visible by the hatches sticking out) and by the transmission cover being one piece. As you can see below, on the M4 Sherman this combination was not possible, the only time the M4 Sherman had a single peice transmission cover it had the late war hull, making it impossible to have such prominent crew hatches.


Very Early M4 Sherman (denoted by the open sights that have been covered up by steel, instead of telescopic sights):


(Late war M4 Shermans are only distinguishable from late war M4A3s by the Engine house/cover and the rear of the tank.)


The Images Below are to help you understand the differences in the Sherman versions, in the types.




More information and true citations:  -

                                                          - (forum post, super informational)



So that is that. I hope we eventually get a 75mm Sherman with a Late war Hull, how about you guys? Anyone think gaijin will fix/change this or is it too minor? At the very least I hope everyone learned something here, albeit it useless haha! In theory the 1 piece hood could be fitted onto a sherman that had previously had a 3 piece hood, but would be extremely unlikely, and would have a very very limited section of time when the divisions no longer had 3 piece hoods, but had early war M4s and was starting to recieve the late war versions and parts. When it comes down to it, its more misleading than anything, especially if they add the M4A3, as they should.

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The M4 has a Continental R975 gasoline engine and a welded hull, the M4A3 has a Ford GAA V8 engine and a welded hull. That's the difference between them. Everything else comes down to production date, manufacterer and potential field repairs. You can find late-war tanks still equipped with 3-part differential covers and any variant of the differential cover (3 piece, 1 piece sharp and 1 piece rounded) can be mounted on any variant of the M4 medium tank. The important difference between the M4 and M4A3 is therefore the engine deck, the back of the hull and of course the actual engine mounted.


So while the M4 variant ingame is probably not the 'standard' variant for M4 I doubt you could not find it in the field.


That said, I like the idea of giving it the more common rounded, three-piece differential cover, even if it's current configuration is not wrong like in 'never happened'. Especially since this would open up the possibility of a late M4 variant that looks more distinct from the earlier variant and one can never have enough M4 medium tanks.

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The worst part about all of this is that I woke up this morning and I realized that even though what I had stated in here was a great way of discerning various Sherman types, I said nothing of the engine and the block which is the most important part in true differences. While in technicalities the M4 is still an M4, it looks like an early M4A3 from the front, and if Gaijin adds the M4A3, or adds the different hull types to the US, then that would cause an issue.


Of course that is unlikely to happen, as it would give the US many more tanks than any other nation thus far, and it can not be an upgrade as the wetrack hulls brought the Sherman to a new teir, and in WT, it would need its BR increased. When it comes down to it, I think the US should get a wet rack hulled 75mm sherman, and I would hope they would "fix" the M4 Sherman as well.

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