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Youtuber looking for one talented wingman

Looking for one talented individual to hang out, pratice wingman tactics and destroy bandits. Will fly on your wing if you are better than me. I'm also a rather big youtuber and i plan to do various videos if all goes well.


I have a lots of conditions but it's flexible. As long as you match most of em, i'll consider your candidacy. Should you be in a clan or squad already, i don't plan on joining it but i don't mind you having some kind of tag/label.


- Fly only joystick. No mouse.

- Good microphone.

- Age 20+ must have decent voice and personality

- Must have played other flight simulators like IL-2 sturmovik or Rise of Flight

- Plays arcade mode. HB, FRB are not out of question but i really like the arcade format and the different physics.

- Adept at ACM. Must be able to perform any maneuvers and be as experienced in BnZ as TnB.

- Good situational awareness, camera control

- Able to sort out 2 bandits alone in arcade mode with ease, able to deal with 3 with some luck.

- Lots of spare time to play.

- Bonus point for being french, double bonus for being quebecer.


Post in this thread or private message me for application. Include your ingame name and age. Please make sure you are a veteran of flight sims before applying, i need someone very competent and hopefully better than me. Should i consider your application, we will duel in-game and if you give me enough trouble you will be qualified.

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