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LF US Squad

6th Staffel. II. Gruppe. Jagdgeschwader 77 (IIJG77_) is looking for pilots!


We are recruiting pilots of any experience, of any level, any aircraft, to fly with us, learn the game, learn the comradeship, learn the experience of flying with a squadron and join in our Multi-Gaming community.


We have a core of US based pilots who start playing from approx. 4pm CST onwards. As I work late shifts in the UK I end up flying with them most nights.


We pride ourselves in being open, friendly, focused on improving our members through training and regular special events.


We have our own TeamSpeak3 server with channels available for all our games, no you don’t have to fly just German aircraft!


If that sounds like something you might be interested in feel free to visit our website:


Or if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them, just drop me a message and I can point you to our squadron in-flight.





6th Staffel,

II. Gruppe,

Jagdgeschwader 77

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SAC is NA based but have players around the world. SAC is a multi-gaming Clan that just opened up a WarThunder Charter. I myself live in CST and looking to recruit more pilots.


Only requirement is to be 18yrs+ and TeamSpeak3 as we do have a dedicated TS Server.


I am not going to sit here and spew misc crap at you so if you want to talk or squad up hit me up in game or shoot me a message via WarThunder's website.


SAC_DeathBrigade - In-Game Handle


Hope to hear from you.

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