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[News] Game activity related forum member filter



As announced last week, the discussion option on our forum will be closely linked to game activity from close of play today, this will be activated during the 21st of May. In most cases our players will not see any difference at all. Activating forum discussion involvement for those that have been devoiced will be a simple process and involve playing a few games to once again comment.


Initially we will be setting the limits to:

  1. 3 Games will "credit" you with a 7 consecutive day period where you can post.
  2. 15 Games will "credit" you with unlimited access for 30 days.

The above limitation will reset at the end of the 7 or 30 days, in other words you will have to apply the rules above once again at the end of the periods specified. 


Initially, we will be exempting some player perceived essential areas from the blanket system, but please be aware, if this is abused in any way shape or form, this functionality will be revoked. Please guys, use this tool sensibly and responsibly.


Exempt Currently - 


Welcome New Recruits

Technical Area

Historical Area

Off Topic


If you have any issues with access that are valid, please contact one of the team and we would be happy to discuss it with you.



Thank you very much for your support.


The War Thunder Team


Discuss it here

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