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The M24 was a light tank was originally developed as a result of the shortcomings of its predecessor, the M3 and M5 Stuart. These tanks, after being used by the British forces in the Africa campaign during World War 2, were found to be inadequate vehicles, specifically due to their 37mm guns. As a result, development of a new light tank was started. The first tests involved a 75mm gun mounted onto the body of an M8. It was however decided that the design of this tank was significantly outdated, as it lacked Armour as well as the space needed to stow ammunition.<br>

In spring of 1943, the Ordnance committee published the specifications for the new light tank. The specifications asked for a tank using the power plant design of the M5A1, but the new improved armament with a 75mm gun. By April, Cadillac had begun work on the new project. The most important aspect was to keep the new tank as light and mobile as possible, and so the Armour was extremely thin. To compensate for the lack of thickness, the Armour of the new design, which was now called light tank T24, was slanted. The vehicle was armed with a newly developed, especially light 75mm gun.<br>

A first prototype of the T24 was built by October of 1943, and after tests it was decided that it was within the spcifications put out by the Ordnance department. A contract for full scale production of 1,000 vehicles was immediately made. Production began in early 1944 and continued until August 1945 with over 4,500 vehicles of the new tank, now designated “Light Tank M24”, produced. The tank began service with both the United States and British forces.<br>

Issuing of the new tanks to tank battalions in Europe began in November and December of 1944, however the new vehicles had an insignificant impact on the war as they reached the front too late. Nonetheless, many of the former M3 and M5 crews who received the new tanks were very appreciative of its capabilities, specifically of the better 75mm gun. <br>

The M24 saw combat again during the early stages of the Korean War, were it was used to attack the North Korean armed forces. These however were equipped with the far more powerful Russian T-34-85 tank, leading to the use of the M24 as an artillery tank against infantry. Later during the Korean War, the M24 filled the role of a light reconnaissance tank, at which it excelled thanks to its high speed and mobility.<br>

In addition to its role in the United States armed forces, the M24 was also used by a number of other nations, such as Britain and France as well as a number of smaller nations. The last recorded use of the M24 in combat was during the Indo-Pakistani war in 1971.<br>

==Tactics and recommendations==

===Pros and Cons===

'''Pros '''

*A very good gun for a light tank

*Great mobility

*Different ammunition types make it very versatile

*The 12.7mm machine gun makes the tank even more versatile

*Fairly high turret rotation speed

*Armour has a very good constructional slope angle

*Fairly high rate of fire

*Good gun depression

*Very low profile

*Very fast reverse speed

*Ability to unlock artillery support


*Thin Armour

*Only 48 rounds of ammunition

*Extremely vulnerable to HE and HEAT shells

*Only four crew members – thus easy to knock out the entire crew


The M24, due to its significant lack of Armour but high mobility, has a very different and far more engaging play style than most heavy or medium tanks. Due to its great lack of Armour, it should never remain in one place for more than one or two shots, as it will risk being detected, which will usually lead to its destruction. Instead, it should constantly change position in order to avoid detection and sneak up on the enemies’ flanks and rear.


Due to its high mobility and good gun, the M24 is an ideal tank for flanking. There are two different ways of flanking, outlined below.

=====Flanking a map=====

Flanking on a map is ideal on large, open maps such as Mozdok or Kursk. In order to flank a map, simply move along the side of the map after spawning. On most maps, the main battlefield and most players will be concentrated close to the center of the map. By moving along the side greatly reduces the chance of running into enemies. Move along the edge of the map until you are at the side of, or behind, the enemy lines. Now, look for enemies that are exposing their side armor to you.<br>

 When flanking in this manner, knocking out an enemy tank with your first shot is important, since you will have the element of surprise. If your first shot does not kill the enemy tank, or at least its ability to move, the enemy tank will be able to angle itself in order to reduce your chances of landing another good shot. Therefore aiming carefully is very important. Try to hit an ammo rack to immediately kill the tank, or its engine to prevent it from angling itself. After you killed an enemy tank, take cover again and change your location to avoid being detected by other tanks.

=====Flanking a small area=====

This tactic is ideal on maps dominated by short-range combat, such as city maps and mountainous maps. This type of flanking is usually done after you have detected an enemy close to you. For example, you might be moving along a road inside the village on the Poland map, and spot an enemy tank down the road, hiding behind a building. In order to flank him, move to a parallel road, and drive down all the way to the enemy tank. Assuming that this enemy has not changed location, you will now be able to shoot at his side or rear armor.

====Taking cover====

The M24, as many other tanks, has its Armour weak spots at the side and rear. Keeping its flanks covered at all times is therefore very important. This can be done in different ways depending on the terrain:

*On city maps, you can move from house to house, making sure there are buildings at your sides whenever you stop. This way, it is very unlikely that an enemy will be able to take a shot at your side. Whenever you advance, make sure that the road ahead is clear. You should also watch out for your teammates- if they are in a parallel street, or they are next to you, they can protect your flank, and you can protect theirs.

*On country maps, try to stay in dips or valleys rather than moving on top of mountains, unless a rock or something similar can provide you cover at the top. This is because when you are at a high point, you will be able to see all of your enemies, but you will also be exposed to them from all sides. So always try to stay behind rocks, or inside a dip or shell hole.

====Angling your tank====

Although the M24 should generally avoid shootouts with enemy tanks, and instead use its mobility to its advantage, there are some cases where it may have to directly oppose an enemy tank. In these scenarios, it is important to properly angle the tank to minimize the risk of Armour penetration and increase the probability of a ricochet. The illustrations below are designed to give you an idea of how to angle your tank to achieve maximum effective Armour thickness while also being able to defend yourself.

=====In the open=====


=====Near Objects=====

When you are partially covered by an object, such as a rock or house, it is important to use a tactic called “Sidescraping” to reduce the risk of an enemy shot penetrating your Armour. The illustrations below show how to correctly sidescrape.




In War Thunder, the M24 is an American light tank found at rank III in the US Army Tech Tree.  It has a battle rating of 3.7 in Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Battles. Below you can find detailed information about the M24 in War Thunder as well as its data sheet.

The M24 requires 18,000 Research Points to unlock, has a purchase price of 77,000 Silver Lions, and a crew training cost of 22,000 Silver Lions.


====Main armament====

* 1 x [[75 mm M6]] cannon

The 75mm cannon of the M24 is a very capable gun. However, it is important to remember that the M24 has only 48 rounds of ammunition so do not waste it. More about ammunition in the next section.


'''M72 shot'''

The M72 shot is one of the default ammunition types available for the M24. This ammunition type has very high Armour penetration values, even at slightly greater distances, however the fragmentation effect is not very significant. This ammunition is ideal when used against well-Armoured opponents. Use this ammunition against heavy tanks such as the KV-1, and against Self Propelled Guns such as the StuG III or the SU 122. As long as the M61 shot is not unlocked, this is also the best choice against medium tanks such as the T-34, since the default high explosive round is largely unable to damage such vehicles. <br>

'''M48 shell'''

The M48 shell is the other default ammunition type. It is a high explosive shell, and as such is largely useless against any type of Armoured vehicle. In mixed nation battles however, you will find this ammunition most useful against American M10 and M18 tank destroyers, and in all game modes this is the best choice of ammunition against most Self Propelled Anti Aircraft (SPAA) vehicles, since these usually have very little Armour and their crew is often exposed. <br>

'''M61 shot'''

The M61 shot is an Armour-Piercing capped ballistic capped shell, making it an ideal shell against most targets excluding heavy tanks. Although its Armour penetration is slightly less than that of the M72 shell, it is a more significant fragmentation effect after penetration, making it a more applicable shell against targets with medium or light Armour. This ammunition is ideal for attacking medium tanks such as the T-34 or Pz. IV, as well as Self Propelled Guns such as the StuG III or the SU 122. It is available at the second tier of modifications, and costs 20 silver lions per shell to be resupplied.<br>

{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:center"


! data-sort-type="text" rowspan="2" | Ammunition

! colspan="6" | '''Penetration''' '''''in mm''''' '''@'''

! class="unsortable" rowspan="2" | Type of <br /> warhead

! rowspan="2" style="width:5em" |Velocity <br /> in m/s

! rowspan="2"|Projectile<br />Mass in kg

! rowspan="2"| ''Fuse delay in m:''

! rowspan="2"| ''Fuse sensitivity in mm:''

! rowspan="2"| ''Normalization At 30° from horizontal:''

! colspan="3" | ''Ricochet:''


! style="width:4em"|10m

! style="width:4em"|100m

! style="width:4em"|500m

! style="width:4em"|1000m

! style="width:4em"|1500m

! style="width:4em"|2000m

! 0%

! 50%

! 100%


| M72 shot  || 88 || 84 || 76 || 61 || 50 || 42 || AP       || 619 || 6.3 ||  na || na || -1° || 43° || 30° || 15°


| M48 shell ||  8 ||  8 ||  8 ||  8 ||  8 ||  8 || HE       || 463 || 6.3 ||  .4 || .5 ||  0° || 11° || 10° ||  9°


| M62 shot  || 93 || 89 || 85 || 70 || 61 || 47 || APCBC    || 618 || 6.8 || 1.2 || 20 || +4° || 42° || 27° || 19°


======Suggested Ammunition Loadouts======

Choosing what ammunition you wish to take into battle is not always an easy task. The M24 can take up to 48 rounds of ammunition into battle, and what mix of shell types you take depends greatly on the game mode and your intentions and abilities, as well as personal preference. Here however, are some examples of load outs that have a variety of uses and capabilities, making them adaptable to different scenarios.<br>

*If you have not yet unlocked the M61 APCBC ammunition, the best thing to do is to pack lots of M72 shots and a few M48 High explosive shells. Since you are less likely to need the M48 shells, 8-10 will usually be enough, leaving you with the ability to load 38-40 M72 Armour-Piercing shells. You should use the M72 shells against most enemies, and leave the M48 shells only for attacking lightly Armoured vehicles.

*Once you unlock the M61 APCBC shell, it is a good idea to bring lots of these shells into battle, since the M61 is truly the most adaptable shell with the widest variety of uses. The M61 shell is able to penetrate the Armour of most enemies you will be facing, except for some of the heavily Armoured tanks, such as the KV-1. Taking about 25 M61 shells into any given battle is a good idea, as it is a very versatile shell. This leaves you with 23 more shells to be distributed: a good ratio would be 8 M48 and 15 M72 shells.

====Secondary Armament====

=====Machine guns=====

* 1 x [[7.62 mm M1919A4]] Machine Gun

* 1 x [[12.7mm M2HB]] Machine Gun

Although neither of these calibres is particularly impressive in a tank battle, they should not be disregarded, since they can be rather useful in some situations. <br>

First of all, they can be very useful in Realistic and Simulator battles in order to estimate the range to a target. This is not easy and requires some experience, but it can be done. In order to use the machine guns in this way, simply fire a short burst of your machine guns at an enemy you spotted and observe the time they take to reach the target and the drop of the shells as they fly. As you do this more often, you will eventually be able to use this to estimate how far away a target is, and by how much you have to elevate your main turret in order to hit the target.<br>

Another use for the machine guns is in a tank versus tank battle at close range. If you are close to an enemy you are fighting, spamming your machine gun at him can at times be beneficial. Firstly, there is a slight chance that the larger machine gun could penetrate a weak point of the Armour and actually do some damage to your enemy. Furthermore, it can obstruct your enemy’s view, especially if your enemy is trying to observe your tank through the gunner view. Dust and smoke from your shots will at times cause your enemy’s view to be obstructed, making it harder for them to aim at you. Overall, while machine guns usually have little effect in close range combat scenarios with other tanks, there use should not be disregarded.<br>

A third, and arguably most viable, use of the machine guns is their use against targets with little to no Armour. This includes mainly SPAA’s and the American GMC’s. These vehicles have very little Armour, and their crew is often exposed and unprotected, making them very vulnerable to machine gun fire. This is especially important when you have no high explosive shells and run into a half track vehicle or other lightly Armoured enemy. Shooting your machine guns at these targets will often knock out crew members and sometimes cause damage to the vehicle itself.<br>

Finally, the machine guns can be sued as anti-aircraft weapons. Although you should avoid using the M24 as an anti-aircraft vehicle, this can be important if, for example, you are damaged and repairing and an enemy aircraft is approaching you. However, in most cases it is better to hide from enemy aircraft than to directly engage them, and you should only do so if there are a) no tanks left on the enemy team or b) you are stuck in the open and cannot get out of the way of an enemy aircraft, leaving you with only this as a last resort of defense. <br>

In conclusion, the machine guns have a variety of uses, the most important being range finding and their use against lightly Armoured enemies. <br>

==== Modules and improvements ====


As you can see, the M24 has all of the standard upgrades improving its mobility, turret drive and elevation, and of course parts as well as fire extinguishers. Since the M24 is a light tank, it also has the ability to unlock the “Artillery Support” upgrade. If you want to purchase a Backup vehicle for the M24, the cost is 20 Golden eagles, and a Talisman will cost you 980 Golden eagles to purchase. A non-upgraded (stock) M24 has a maximum repair cost of 1450 Silver Lions, the fully upgraded version can cost up to 1876 Silver Lions to repair.

==X-ray and Armour==

Here is a series of labeled images to show the insides and the Armour of the M24.<br>












In the pictures, you can clearly see that the Armour of the M24 is very thin, and even if Armour slope is taken into account, the Armour is not very impressive. The M24 will be able to survive some shots when it is well angled towards the direction of the shot, however, it is best to avoid being shot at rather than taking the chance and hoping that the Armour will be able to stop a shot. However, what the M24 lacks in Armour it makes up for with its extremely good mobility, and it is this combination of lack of Armour and good manoeuvrability that dictates the tactics that you should use when driving the M24. <br>

== Screenshots and fan art ==

[http://live.warthunder.com/feed/camouflages/?q=%23M24 '''Skins''' and '''camouflages''' for the Chaffee from live.warthunder]

== Additional information (links) ==

[http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Light_Tank_M24_Chaffee Official '''War Thunder Wikipedia Page''' of the M24 Chaffee]

[http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=34 '''Military Factory''' about the M24]

[http://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m24.htm '''Military Analysis Network''' gives some info about the M24]

[http://world-war-2.wikia.com/wiki/M24_Light_Tank '''World War II Wiki''' has some more information about the History of the M24]



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