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[wiki:contest] Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher

Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher


Title: OS2U-1 Kingfisher

Country: United States of America
Max altitude: 5950m

Max speed: 307 km/h on altitude 1700m

Turn time: 33.1s

Take off distance: 305 m

Rate of Climb: 8.3 m/s





OS2U-1 Kingfisher History

The Vought OS2U Kingfisher was a United States Navy observation floatplane during WW2. The Kingfisher first flew in 1938, but was not delivered to the Navy until 1940. In its operational history, it was used as a catapult-launched scout plane on heavy cruisers, light cruisers, and battleships of the U.S. Navy. A total of 1,519 OS2Us were made, with some used by the RAAF, and the FAA through the lend lease act.



The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations

Use this plane as a ground attack aircraft, by equipping the two 100 lb bombs. The OS2U is a fragile plane, so your best advantages are the bomber spawn height, and the deadly rear gunner. In Arcade, to make the most out of its Battle Rating of 1.3 , play it only with Reserve planes. This way, you will often be placed in Reserve maps by the matchmaker.

Follow these simple tips to help your team reach victory:

  1. Climb high enough to where you cannot stall, but are at a nice distance from enemy fighters

  2. Starts a shallow descent toward enemy AAA / Artillery placements

  3. drop your bombs on AAA and Artillery, but make sure you have room to climb up without crashing.

  4. Try zoom climbing what whatever speed you have left

  5. Keeping a height above the ground, use your from Machine Gun to target AAA , Artillery, and other Ground Vehicles

  6. Once you notice your bombs are almost reloaded, keep climbing until you are a safe distance to drop your bombs again, then repeat steps 4-6

*In Realistic and Simulator, the OS2U is still used as ground attack, but you must dive bomb, as no bombing reticle is given


Defense - The back gunner of the OS2U is very accurate and will often set fire to enemy planes trailing behind you. If you are not occupied with targeting ground units and an enemy is sitting on your tail, switch to the gunner view and aim at the enemy pilot and/or engine to try get a pilot kill or start a fire.



Pros and cons of the plane


  • Rear Gunner
  • Bomber Spawn
  • Good payload for light vehicles and Artillery/AAA


  • Slow Engine
  • Slow Turn rate
  • Only 1 forward facing MG
  • Tricky to land at airfield
  • Uses only 7.62 mm MGs



Main armament

  • 7.62 mm Browning machine gun x1 (Ammo: 500) Reload Time 15s  -- Use Universal Ammo with this gun
  • Turret x1: 7.62 mm Browning machine gun x1 (Ammo: 600) Reload Time 15s -- Use Armored Targets Ammo with this gun


  • AN-M30 100 lb bomb x2

Modules and improvements

In order to use the OS2U-1 to its full potential, first unlock the bombs, then go down the flight performance as well as the survivability tree, saving the Weaponry improvements for last.



Flight performance

  • Wings


  • Fuselage


  • Engine

  • Radiator

  • Compressor


  • Cover

  • Airframe



  • Offensive
    7 mm


  • Turret
    7 mm


  • New 7 mm
    MGs (turret)


  • Mk. 41
    100 lbs x2


  • New 7 mm


History of creation and combat usage

Engineer andesigner Rex Beisel incorporated innovations becoming the first production type to be assembled with spot-welding to create a smooth fuselage that resisted buckling and generated less drag. Beisel also introduced high-lift devices, spoilers and in a unique arrangement, deflector plate flaps and drooping ailerons. The first prototype flew in 1938, powered by the 450 hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-4 Wasp Junior radial engine. 2 years later, the first production OS2U-1s were delivered to the U.S. Navy. The Kingfisher was the U.S. Navy's primary ship-based, scout and observation aircraft during World War II.


Screenshots and fan art

Ingame Screenshot




Additional information (links)

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Vought OS2U Kingfisher -

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