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[wiki:contest] T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.)

T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.)



The second version of T-34 was developed in 1941. The most important upgrade was the installation of new high velocity 76mm F-34 cannon. It had a 41.5 caliber barrel length and ammunition fired left the barrel at speeds around 662m/s. At first the gun was not approved for use because the opinion was it would increase manufacturing cost. But the gun was mounted anyway and after the troops praised it's effectiveness it was officially approved. Among the changes where new recoil mechanism armor and tracks with more pronounced track grousers. It still used cramped two man turret crew but combat rate of fire came up to 3-5 shots per minute. The same cannon was latter used on the last T-34-76 version, model 1942. It also featured new hexagonal turret witch was not casted anymore but welded from steel plates. Latter in war T-34 tank was used for development of more powerful T-34-85. T-34 model 1941. was first of many steps to upgrade the existing model.


The 4th Tank Brigade was a part of the Russian 15th Tank Division, stationed at Stalingrad at the beginning of war. When German tanks attacked Russia full mobilisation within hundreds of miles fallowed. As German units where approaching the capital of Moscow, Soviets began to throw all available units into combat to stop them.

On November 11th 1941., the 4th Tank Brigade was redesignated the 1st Guards Tank Brigade, due to their combat efforts. It was the very first unit that was redesignated to "Guards". During the summer of 1941. It was noted that many Soviet units where lacking in leadership and where unable to execute orders. Many units where separated not knowing what to do, inflicting traffic jams or not even reaching the battle. Many units where lost to air strike because they just stood and died. It was obvious that not all Soviet forces where capable of fighting effectively or fighting at all.

So the designation "Guards" came to be, not only for inspirational purposes but to separate units capable of performing given tasks. For combat efforts or even just for reaching the battle the "Guards" title was assigned to units. It also gave senior commanders an indication of unit's "semi-elite" status and their ability to execute difficult tasks. It was considered to be quite an honor.


The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations


Basic specifications:

-rank: II

-battle rating: Subject to change

-reward: 40%+40% (AB), 70%+70% (RB), 80%+80% (SB)

-research points bonus: 136%

-crew train cost: 6400SL

-crew "Expert" upgrade: 22000SL (crew lvl required 150)

-crew "Ace" upgrade: 180GE (crew lvl required 450)

-max repair cost: 920SL (AB), 1140SL (RB), 1530SL (SB)

-time to repair for free (crew included): 47m (AB), 1h 35m (RB), 1h 55m (SB)

-mass: 26,5ton

-engine power: 450hp at 2050rpm

-max speed: 49km/h (4 gears), -7km/h (1 gear)

-maximum inclination: 41°

-turret rotation speed: 17.6°/sec (AB), 15°/sec (RB, SB)

-vertical guidance: -5/28°

-hull armor: 45/45/45mm

-turret armor: 45/45/45mm

-reloading rate: 7.2sec


In War Thunder T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) is one of the kings of balancing mobility, protection and firepower.


With it's 17hp/ton power ratio and top speed of 49km/h it is faster and more mobile than other nations counterparts (Shermans and PzIV's). Transmission is in the back witch is also an advantage as you won't get stucked or turned to side on sharp terrain changes. Use your speed to get to good advantage point at the start of every battle. Tank can reach 30km/h easily on flat ground in about 4-5sec and reaching 45-49km/h in the next 4-5 sec while not turning. Bare in mind that every slight change of direction will cost you few km/h. Something to think about when relocating under enemy fire. For fast turning in place it is best to go forward for a second or two, releasing the throttle and steering the tank left or right. This can save you precious seconds when responding to threats on your sides. While we're at the topic of mobility of the tank it's worth mentioning that turret rotation speed is 17,6°/s. This combined with hull mobility gives you very fast response time when being flanked or when performing "carousel" maneuver.


Armor is good, slopped all around, but don't expect miracles when fighting enemies with high velocity guns such as StuGIII F or PzIV F2. It can bounce most low velocity AP shells but remember those guns also use HEAT ammo witch can penetrate easily. Hull plates are 40-45mm thick with driver's hatch being 60mm. Turret armor is 45mm all around with gun mantle being the same. For more detailed armor layout see the table and pictures below. Frontal hull plate effective thikness is around 75mm strait on with it increasing as you angle yourself. With a standard 30° diamond formation you can get it up to 85-100mm. Be careful not to angle too much as your sides become prone to penetration.


Now we're down to business end of the T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.), the gun. F-34 76mm main gun is capable of handling most of the tanks you encounter in 1-3 shots, depending of your knowledge of opponents crew/modules layout. Reload time starts with 7.2sec and can be brought down to 6.0s with lvl50 loader's "reloading" skill and buying "expert" upgrade for the entire crew. It comes with a variety of ammunition so you're prepared for everything. More details about specific ammo below. Tank also has the coaxial 7.62 DT MG witch can be used to shoot at aircrafts (don't expect to do much to them) or to wound/kill exposed crew members on open vehicles (MarderIII series, ZIS-30 and various SPAA vehicles). Gun vertical guidance is -5/28° witch makes for best elevation and worst depression. For example most of the German and USA tanks of the tier have -10°. One the other hand you can try your luck as SPAA and "derp" down some low flying attacker/bomber aircraft with the main gun. Also it's worth mentioning that positioning your gun over the engine deck will make your depression even worse, only about -1°. This is due to engine deck cover plates being in the way of your gun mantle. Area is 90° wide and it may cause some trouble if the enemy gets right on your rear, rendering you unable to hit desired spot.


T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) is after all a premium tank witch gives you bonus to silver lions, research points and crew points. It has no advantage over the standard non-premium version other than unique camouflage and a decal you get with it. I strongly recommend playing the standard T-34 1941 before thinking of getting the premium version, just to see if it's really the tank for you. If you're a new player that just started playing USSR ground forces and you're thinking of investing into a fun tank to get your crew trained up and silver lions to pile up then maybe T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) is just the thing for you.


Now that we've covered general description of the tank let's talk tactics. T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) is a tier 2 USSR premium tank. That means it will end up in games with/against tanks of tier 1-3. Everything from light to heavy tanks may be encountered. Matching right type of ammunition for your target, combining artillery support and air events in arcade mode can lead your team to victory.


Pay attention to your team when playing alone. It's easy to rush forward to your favorite place just to find out you're alone and dead before slower tanks arrive to help you. If you happen to end up in that situation you can try to run or make a heroic stand. T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) in good hands is capable of holding off  and defeating superior numbers on it's own. Keep your tank on the flattest ground as possible so you have gun depression to fire at all times. If the hill is between you and the enemy don't go over it, go around it, since bad gun depression will make you exposed for too long before you can fire. Keep an eye at the minimap at all times for flanking enemies since any T-34 has fuel tanks on each side of the hull (2 on the right and 3 on the left side). One shot to your side and you'll find yourself on fire most of the times. Tanks such as KV-1 can be a tricky thing to handle sometimes, especially at big ranges. But with proper aiming and ammo even the big sturdy KV-1 can be defeated. When it comes to survival keep in mind that T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) has several weak spots at the front. Best bet when you're bound to get shot is to start moving. Change your angle and rotate the turret while reloading. That way your weak spots won't be a static target. Hull-down tactics won't work in most cases because of bad gun depression and the fact that turret is no better armored than the hull. More details about weak spots is in the pictures below, also showing how to defeat T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.). In case you lose two crew members, your rate of fire will be decreased drastically. If that happens you're no longer viable as a front line tank and your best bet is to fight from cover, employing so called "pe-ka-boo" tactics. That way you can keep yourself in a fight and always have a safe place to handle long reload.


Against any T-34 including T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) you should try to limit it's movement. If fighting from static positions aim for the gunner just right of the main gun when he's facing you. As mentioned above when shooting T-34 from the side you have a very high chance of setting him on fire. The only choice you have is will you shot more towards the engine to imobilise him for sure or aim for the crew compartment. Under the turret on the tank's floor is a big pile of ammunition, so when shooting from the side try to hit the place where ammo and fuel tank overlap. You can also aim just above the ammo rack for a better chance of killing crew members in case ammo does not detonate.


If you're using a tank with a big caliber gun, witch uses HE rounds, you also have an option to place your shot under the tank. Bottom hull plate is not thick and ammunition rack is sitting on top of it.

This picture was taken with PzIV C and APCBC shell loaded (one of the AP weakest shells in the game) aiming at places with the least effective armor (weak spots).



Game mode specifics



Use your speed to either cap the specific point and run away or to place yourself somewhere overwatching the enemy route. Use artillery support to defend capture zones, keep enemies pinned, flush them out of cover or even kill them if they don't bother to move. After a few kills you'll have an option to participate in air events. You can defend  or attack bombers/attackers or call one of your own. Before joining an air event make sure you're in a safe secluded place so your tank doesn't get killed while you're away in the sky. Also pay attention to the minimap to determine from what direction is the enemy air strike coming and if it's coming for you. Don't forget it's a premium tank so your goal is to do as much damage and destroy as many as you can to get allot of silver lions research and crew points.



First thing before you even try to play this battle types make some kills in arcade to unlock summer camo because you won't fool anyone with that stock white camo (there are currently no winter maps available for ground forces). Use your speed to position yourself into ambush position and await your targets. If you're up for more mobile tactics use terrain and summer camo to your advantages, pick off one enemy and escape the area. On city maps use small side streets to keep you enemies guessing of where you'll pop up.


Pros and cons of the tank



-perfect balance of mobility, protection and firepower

-sloped armor increasing the chance of ricochet

-transmission is in the rear

-big choice of ammunition



-fuel tanks beside the combat compartment, close to the ammo rack, make the tank prone to crew member death, fire, fuel tank detonations and ammo rack detonation chances at the same time

-4 crew members so you can only afford to lose one before rate of fire drops drastically

-default camouflage is winter and makes you stand out on summer maps

-bad gun depression





1x 76mm F-34 cannon (Ammo: 77)

1x 7.62mm DT machine gun (Ammo: 1800)


Main armament:

1x 76mm F-34 cannon





Default ammo for dealing with most armored targets. It will penetrate tanks you encounter easily and deal heavy damage to modules and crew in the vicinity of explosion.


Unlocked ammo for dealing with heavily armored tanks. Mostly used for dealing with KV-1 in some situations. Deals heavy damage to modules and crew that are on the way of the projectile with a chance of making damaging armor fragments. Smart to bring few of those if KV-1 is your nemesis. Keep in mind that at ranges of 500m+ even BR-350B can match it's penetration.


Unlocked upgraded version of BR-350A with slightly higher penetration, bigger fuse delay and fuse sensitivity. Bigger fuse delay means the shell will travel further inside the tank (towards the middle of combat compartment) before exploding. Recommended ammo to use most of the time.

OF-350M (HE)

Default ammo for dealing with half-tracks and other softly armored vehicles. Will activate on impact and do heavy damage to entire vehicle. Best bring few of those in case you run into some SPAAs.

SH-354T (Shrapnel)

Default ammo for dealing with softly armored tanks such as open tank destroyers and light tanks. Similar effect as HE ammo but with some penetrating capabilities. Almost guaranteed oneshot.


Ammunition racks:

T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) has 4 ammunition racks. Most of the ammo is stowed on the tank's floor (rack 4) with the rest being located next to the fuel tanks (rack 1, 2 and 3). They are depleted in their numerical order, with rack 4 being there until you run out of shells.


Amount of shells for ammunition rack to be depleted:

-rack 1: 75 (no ammo by the right fuel tank)

-rack 2: 72 (no ammo by the left fuel tank, forward rack)

-rack 3: 69 (no ammo by the left fuel tank)

-rack 4: 1 (no ammo on the tank floor)

With this in mind and amount of 69 shells being enough for every battle you can save yourself some critical spots on your tank by not carrying full load of 77 shells.







-machine gunner





-frontal upper plate: 45mm/60°

-frontal lower plate: 45mm/53°

-frontal plate tip: 100mm/0°

-MG port: 45mm/0°

-driver's hatch: 60mm/60°

-side upper plate: 40mm/40°

-side lower plate: 45mm/0°

-rear upper plate: 40mm/48°

-rear lower plate: 40mm/46°

-top plate: 16mm/90°

-engine deck cover (all around): 10mm/44-90°


-front/side/rear: 45mm/Constructional slope varies since turret is casted

-gun mantle: 45mm/8-30°

-top plate: 15mm/84-90°


-tracks: 18mm

-rear wheel drive (sprocket), road wheel, front wheel drive: 20mm



Modules and improvements


As a premium tank all upgrades are unlocked when you acquire the vehicle. You can grind the "Mark of distinction" so you can decorate your tank with 4 decals even without premium. Only thing left to "upgrade" are camouflages witch require you to defeat enemy players aka kill player controlled vehicles (killing airplane with a tank also counts).

Standard (top right) - comes with the tank

Summer (bottom right) - 80 players defeated

Forest (top left) - 100 players defeated

Winter (bottom left) 120 players defeated



History of creation and combat usage


Here you can read about the combat history of 4th Tank Brigade, latter renamed to 1st Guards Tank Brigade.


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Very nice guide! I really like regular T 34 (all versions) and since i dont own any premium tanks i am considering to buy this one and after reading this guide i am sure that will be my definte choise. Thanks for effort mate and good luck in WT! 

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Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not the author of the first photo.

It was made by Gaijin as concept art for "Defenders advanced pack" showing T-34 1941 (1st Gv.T.Br.) and LaGG-3-34.

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-text about 1st Guards Tank Brigade edited to my own words (not a copy/paste anymore)

-text about tier and battle rating edited not to include BR

-various text changes including new tips on how to play and how to fight against

-new sections: basic specifications and ammunition racks

-suspension and engine deck cover added to armor layout

-new pictures: side hitting areas, frontal weak spots, ammunition specs, ammo racks and armor layout


Tnx for the input battalionier.

I've changed and added number of new things to my article so hope you get the time to go over it again and give some feedback.

I'm just wondering if there's anything else to do or just keep it this way and cross my fingers.

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