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[wiki:contest] I-301


Co-designed by Semyon A. Lavochkin, Vladimir P. Gorbunov and Mikhail I. Gudkov (from who's last names the acronym LaGG comes). The I-301 was an all-wood aircraft who's surface was covered with Bakelite lacquer (an early form of plastic), that did not burn, and resisted rotting. It was powered by a Klimov M-105P radial engine, producing 1,050hp. Armament consisted of a 23mm PTB-23 cannon firing through the engine, with a mere 81 rounds; as well as dual Berezina UB machine guns with 230 rounds each, and farther back on the nose, dual ShKAS machine guns with 650 rounds each. Two prototypes were built, and test pilot A.I. Nikashina was at the controls during the I-301's first flight on March 28, 1940. The first I-301 prototype was destroyed during an emergency landing on the 4th of January, 1941; the fate of the second, remains unknown. Despite never being put into service, the I-301 formed the basis for one of the U.S.S.R.'s most produced fighters, the LaGG-3.



The I-301 is a very rare tier I bundle aircraft. It sits at BR 2.3 in arcade and simulator, and BR 2.7 in realistic. It has a blistering top speed of 624 kilometers per hour, and a good rate of climb. However, it trades maneuverability for speed; It cannot turn with other aircraft of it's tier. It has a exceptional armament, all of which in mounted in the nose, so you will not have to worry about gun convergence.


The I-301 performs best in arcade, where in-flight reload is possible. In realistic and simulator modes, it's small ammunition capacity of only 81 rounds for the cannon lets it down, because the cannon fires so quickly, your ammunition will empty very quickly. Simulator pilots will enjoy it's exceptionally open canopy, which gives a great all-round view.


The best tactic for flying an I-301 is to climb above all your enemies, using your good rate of climb. Once at altitude, you can pick and choose whatever target you want. Once you pick out a target, dive on it and let rip with your astonishing armament. It is very important, that if your target turns, do not turn with it! Convert your speed back into altitude, wait until you nearly stall out, rudder over and reacquire a target. If you are playing in arcade mode, you will want to reload your cannon whenever your ammunition runs below about 25 rounds. Optimally you will be at bomber altitude, where you can take your time, reload and regroup.

If you are flying in realistic or simulator, you will usually not have to worry about breaking up in a dive, tearing your flaps, or about ripping your wings; due to it's construction, the I-301 is exceptionally tough. The I-301's roll rate, and pitch authority are about average, but it has above average yaw authority. However, as you approach and go beyond 650kp/h, your control surfaces will become less and less effective.


Notable enemies you may encounter: Yak-1s are your biggest threat, as they are similar to the I-301. If a Yak-1 pilot focuses on shooting you down, you will have a hard fight on your hands.

PBY Catalinas, which are noted for their extreme toughness, to the point where most low-tier aircraft have to rely on rockets to down them, will be no problem for you. Firing at their large wing area, you should kill them easily.




  • Great top speed
  • Very good rate of climb
  • Very good construction strength
  • Incredible armament
  • Good canopy view
  • All armament is in the nose


  • Lackluster turning
  • Only 81 rounds for the cannon


Overall, the I-301 is the epitome of a boom-and-zoom fighter. It has an astonishing armament; as well as speed, for it's tier. It suffers in turning ability, but if played right, this will make no difference. Arcade mode is best for an I-301, but it can handle realistic and simulator too. If you manage to get your hands on one of these planes, you will be rewarded with an aircraft that is a joy to play!

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The I-301 and M8A1 only had one event so far

Gaijin is good with giving people the opportunity to earn rare vehicles, but the I-301, M8A1, La-174, TB-3 and XF5F remain the rarest

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Always wanted the I-301, but I only started playing this past spring. Although I don't get many of the event rewards because I don't have a whole lot of ti\me to play and I'm not really that good. I would love to have a chance to get it. 

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