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Ju 87 D-3


The Ju87 is the infamous German single engined dive bomber of the Second World War. The Ju 87 D modification was developed in the summer of 1941, it was an outdated design but there was no aircraft to replace the Ju87. The D modification was to be fitted with the Daimler Benz DB 603 engines, but was dropped in favor of the Jumo 211, because the DB 603 performed poorly. The new engine, that produced 1,400 Horsepower, gave the Ju87 the ability to carry almost 4 times the bomb load of the Ju87 B from 500 kg to 1800 kg max bomb load. The Ju87 D3 retained the offensive armament of the early Ju87s, with 2 wing mounted Mg 17s but its defensive armament was upgraded to 2 Mg 81Zs. 



The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations


At the current Battle Rating at 2.3, the Ju 87 D3 is not very fast, but is decently fast in a dive. The Ju87 is faily durable aswell, taking a decent amount of 7.7 and 12.7 fire to take down, but doesn't mean you should fly in a straight line, it is also has a very low stall speed, and is very maneuverable at low speed giving it an edge in a turn fight. The offensive and defensive armament is a bit underwhelming,but can still take down planes, given the chance. In a dive attack on tank columns, it can deploy air brakes so you don't slam into the ground. 


I recommended that when you buy your Ju 87 D3 you should research the radiator first, for it gives slight performance improvement and helps with engine overheating, then after radiator research the offensive weapon 7.92mm belts, after that you can unlock tier 2 modifications. I recommend you go for performance upgrades which help alot on the Ju 87 line. 


In Arcade Battles you should concentrate on killing tanks and pillboxes first (if any) with your bombs, and use your offensive machine guns to kill soft targets like armored cars, artillery, howitzers and AA. In this mode you wont need your air brakes since you can't break your wings and its easy to pull up from a fast dive attack, and its recommended that you keep as much of your speed up from the dives so your are harder to intercept by enemy aircraft. 


In Realistic Battles, you should keep your altitude, and look for tank columns to attack. Once you've choose which tank column you wish to attack(I recommend some ground targets as far from the battle field or enemy airfield as possible, so you are less likely to be intercepted) . Once you are right over your intended target, set your throttle to 0% and point your nose at the at the tank you want to destroy (since you have no bomb sight, there will not be a bomb-drop indicator like in Arcade, and you will have to guess where the bombs will drop) once you are nearing your target, you will have to deploy your air-brakes or you wont be able to pull up at high speeds. (you can tell when you are reaching a high speed with the sounds that the air and wings make) Once you drop your bomb(s) point your nose up to pull up. At this point you may or may not have killed your intended target, but it is OK if you didnt you will get better at it with more practice, but you still have your offensive armament to kill soft targets like AA or you can engage enemy fighters that are near by(which is very likely). 


Dog fighting the RB with Ju87 is a very difficult task if the enemy knows your advantages and disadvantages and uses them to his advantage. I recommend that you avoid doing headon attacks a much as possible, for you dont have the armament to risk it. I also recommend that you stay low and slow in a combat situation with enemy aircraft(because bad control ability at high speeds ) and try to get the enemy to engage in a turnfight. If he falls for your turn fight, you should end up on his 6 o'clock in 3-5 turns on most enemies, it really depends on if its a British, American or Russian plane, British being generally the better turn fighter. If he doesnt fall for your turnfight, you are most likely going to go down...this plane is not a fighter plane.


Returning to base. when returning to base landing and takeoff is simple, and use of the airbrakes will help if you came in to fast to land. But you may be coming back on a dead or damaged engine(The Ju87s engine is prone to damage and over heat)and it would help alot if you find the nearest friendly airfield and get there as soon as possible.


Pros and cons of the plane


  • Good bomb-load
  • Helpful in ground forces battles
  • Easy landing
  • Low speed maneuverability 
  • Good ammunition amount for the 7.92 machine guns



  • Very slow compared to what it will face
  • Poor climb rate
  • No bomb-sight 



Its armament consists of 2 Mg 17s mounted in the wings, very good for killing soft ground targets like Armored cars and AA, and has a good bomb load for killing medium tanks,pillboxes, destroyers and bases easily. Its defensive turret consisted of 2 fast firing Mg 81Zs but still not enough to shoot down planes reliably. 


Offensive Armament

  • 2x 7.92 mm MG 17 machine guns in the wings, 1000 rpg = 2000 total

Defensive turret

  • 2x Mg 81Z in the rear of the canopy, 2000 rounds total


  • x1 250 kg SC bomb
  • x1 500 kg SC bomb
  • x4 50 kg SC + x1 250 kg SC bombs
  • x4 50 kg SC + x1 500 kg SC bombs
  • x3 250 kg SC bombs
  • x2 250 kg SC + x1 500 kg SC bombs

History of creation and combat usage


During the Battle of Britain the Ju87 was shown to be outclassed and outdated by modern allied aircraft, but with no replacement in sight, a new modification of ju 87 was developed. The new Ju 87 designated D1 was fitted with a more powerful Jumo 211 engine and a more aerodynamic air-frame. In addition more armor was added for protection and a better defensive armament of dual 7.92mm machine guns. The payload was almost 4 times as much as the Ju 87 R2 with 1800 Kg max bomb load. The fuel capacity was increased as well, and had ability to carry drop tanks, too. The D3 version had improved armor from the D1 for ground attack. 


From May 1941 to march 1942 Ju 87Ds where delivered to front-line units. In total 1559 Ju 87 D3s where built. 


The Ju 87D was used extensively in the eastern front and in North Africa. The Ju87 was very effective at destroying Soviet counter attacks disrupting supply-lines and in one case on July 5, when StG 77 knocked out 15 trains and 500 vehicles. But everything has to come to and end, the Ju87 had enjoyed superiority in the early war, but as the war progressed and the Soviet air force grew more effective and obtained better aircraft, the Ju87 was made obsolete.

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I think I said earlier it has got a Mg81Z :Ps

The ingame stat box description is blatantly wrong. A viscious thing to all wiki editors.

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I think I said earlier it has got a Mg81Z :Ps

The ingame stat box description is blatantly wrong. A viscious thing to all wiki editors.

yes my bad for got to add the "z", I'll edit

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