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[wiki:contest] Me 163 B

You have decided to master the Me 163 B, this brilliant, marvellous rocket plane is an excellent choise if you are interested in dominating the skies of War Thunder.



Speed: 969km/h

Turn time: 20,8s

Rate of Climb: 47,1m/s


Armament: 2x 30mm MK108 cannons,120 rounds, one second burst mass: 7,26kg


This plane is fast, but can be catched by Sabres and MiG-15's, but its excellent climb rate and less speed consuming manouvers can get you behind them. Don't be afraid to adjust your throttle to 0% in sharp turns, because you only have 6 minutes of fuel. Since this is a ROCKET plane, most of your weight is fuel. When you have only 30% of fuel, Me 163 B is more agilited than most piston engine fighters.  Your 30mm cannons are real bomber killers, takes usually 2-5 hits to destroy jet bomber, and only 1 hit is usually enough to drop fighters of the sky, but be careful, those 120 goes faster than you'd think and MK108 is one of the hardest cannons to hit in the game. A large 30mm shot with low velocity starts to drop instantly when it leaves the barrel, so you need to aim a bit above your target.

        You have four ammo belts from where to choose: Default; HEI-T,I, Universal; HEI-T,HEI-T,HEI-T,I, Night; Same as Universal, but with less glowing tracers, and Stealth; HEI,HEI,HEI,I. The guns wont jam or over heat since you have so low ammo, but that is a big enough problem itself. You have about 5,5 seconds of continuous fire.

        Plane has really effective ailerons, it turns around itself in only 2 seconds, and with this advantage you are able to do some really interesting manouvers. 163's acceleration is one of the best in War Thunder, you can quickly reduce or gain speed if you want. The  top speed the plain can fly is 1160km/h according to historical sources, and this can only be achieved in steep dive. You are really hard target to hit, usually you wont die in arcade battles to bullets, but because you ran out of fuel too far away from home. MiG's usually dont even bother trying to chase you, since its really hard to hit such a small thing with 37mm gun. Sabres and Meteors are usually the ones after your scalp, AVOID them, since they turn faster than you and have fierceful weapons. In RB you get a starting advantage, since you start from air, not ground. Me 163 hasn't got landing gear, just a ski and teeny  tiny rear wheel. Good landing speed is about 200km/h and you can with or without your landing gear activated.


I hope this was useful to you, thanks for reading it and dont be afraid to post any comments.

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