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Update 21.03.2013 (


  • Standard ammo belts are also available to equip
  • Now you can see the scattering range when drop bombs from wrong angles
  • Tracers visibility improved
  • Summer came to the hangar
  • Arcade bombing crosshair bugs fixed for dive-bombing for bombers, attackers and fighters
  • Bombing sight is fixed for bombers
  • Fixed repair on the airfields being taken
  • Fixed fuel amount when starting a battle
  • Fixed respawn after repair - no more distant respawn away from the airfield
  • Slightly improved maneuverability in Arcade Battles
  • Fixed excessive effects of wing damage on the aircraft steering
  • Improvements in the gaming interface
  • Minor optimizations in shadow drawing (less potential freezes now)
  • Better mouse aiming and the Instructor reactions when the plane is damaged

Discuss the update here.

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