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Q&A session about Squadron Battles

Question: Why is it that the number of players that participate in squadron battles is precisely eight? This only allows for one unit of planes and one unit of tanks, or one complete unit and one incomplete unit plus AA guns.

Answer: We wanted to make it so that squadron battles had fewer players than random battles because this increases each player’s influence on the battle. It also makes battles more accessible to squadrons, but at the same time it ensures that the variety of possible strategies remains large enough. It was these aims that led us to the number eight.

Question: What is the reason for the fact that all the changes in normal and squadron RB battles are always interlinked apart from the spawn points feature, which is disabled in squadron battles? I mean, if a map or mode appears in random battles, it immediately appears in squadron battles also, but when spawn points came to random battles, the same change wasn’t made to squadron battles.

Answer: Spawn points were designed to fix a problem in mixed RBs wherein a team comprised of random players would have an imbalanced tank to plane ratio due to a lack of internal coordination and this would cost them the victory from the very start.
In squadron battles, the team composition can be decided in advance, so we decided not to change the mode in line with random battles.

Question: Why did you decide on the rank five limit for squadron battles?

Answer: Rank five was disabled to increase the mode's accessibility to squadrons. In the future, it might be enabled again instead of or in addition to the existing battles.


Question: It was proposed that squadrons’ personal squadron rating should be reset after the squadron receives an award, is this planned? It’s very difficult to overtake leading squadrons right now. For example: Let’s say squadron A has taken 1st place on the leaderboard, this makes it more attractive to join, and it has the maximum number of players. If they increase their personal squadron rating, then the new squadron B, regardless of how many players it has and how well they perform in squadron battles, can’t reach 1st place and displace squadron А, since there’s no point in squadron А playing more than one squadron battle every couple of days.

Answer: Our task is to reward the strongest squadrons in the game. A rating reset would just lead to a rotation in the squadrons with the awards, because now the squadron with the reset rating won’t be able to take first place no matter how well it plays.
That said, we agree that it’s a problem that a squadron that has already taken first place on the leaderboard no longer has to play much. We’re developing solutions to this right now.

Question: Why are there no presets for this mode? I understand that this will affect the variety of battle tactics, but the battles are combined after all. A full team of tanks has absolutely no chance to win against a full team of airplanes. A team with a 50/50 composition and various types of vehicles has very low chances of beating a team comprised exclusively of aircraft, since their aircraft will lack air superiority and be quickly shot down and then finished off by the tanks.

Answer: We’re going to be taking a closer look at this.

Question: Don’t you think that players that often spend money on the game have an unarguable advantage in arcade squadron battles (hereafter ASB)?
11 slots and a backup vehicle for each is a huge advantage, you can just use higher numbers to overwhelm less wealthy but more skilled players.

Answer: In the majority of games, players don’t use more than 5-6 vehicles. They use 4-5 on average.
So this is unlikely to be a hugely important factor. That said, we’ll take a closer look at this issue.

Question: Why do fighters still have an arcade bomb sight in ASB? As far as I know, assault planes are dead as a class right now because of this, since there are fighters that can carry the same bomb/rocket loads as them, but which also significantly outperform them in terms of speed and maneuverability.

Answer: We’ll look into this. Thanks.

Question: Will imbalanced maps be disabled in squadron battles? Examples from RSB: White Rock Fortress (Capture mode, options 1 and 3 (points B and C), for the reason that one of these points is located closer to the spawn point of one of the teams, which allows that team to capture it more quickly and play an easier defensive game), Mozdok (Capture mode, option 3 (point C), because you can reach the capture point more quickly from the northern spawn point on the map and take up favorable positions there. You can then fire on the field the other team has to advance across to reach the capture point), Carpathians (destroying the bomb targets removes almost all the opposite team’s points, which means that you can destroy just a couple of tanks or the commander of an NPC group to achieve victory), Karelia (Capture mode, options 2 and 3, for the reason that the team which starts on the “front lines” is in a more favorable position as it can fire on the capture point immediately)

Answer: Imbalanced maps are disabled or corrected in random battles and squadron battles at the same time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen as quickly as we’d like, but we’re working toward making this process faster.

Question: Do you not think that Break Mode is unsuitable for squadron battles? After all, it requires you to storm a point without a numerical advantage on your side.

Answer: Break Mode will be disabled in squadron battles.

Question: Do you know what happened with the proposals that were gathered at the squadron commanders’ meeting last year? We never did hear anything from the developers about them. The meeting was the result of this topic on the forum

Answer: The proposals are under consideration and some of them have already been accepted for implementation, but as of now we can’t yet say when these changes will be released.


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