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[NNG] No Nonsense Games is Recruiting SB Pilots ONLY!

Hello everyone!


I'm going to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point.


[NNG] No Nonsense Gamers is opening recruitment for Simulator Battles Pilots.

I'm not going to bore you with pages of information about the squadron, but I will mention a few things which will make my squadron stand out so hopefully YOU, as a new recruit will be able to make a decision.


Our squadron has been around for close to 3 years and I've been leading it for the past 2.


What is NNG:


We are gaming community which consists of grown ups, 21 and over for the most part. We're all friends, we play different games and we don't like drama or BS.  


What we do:


-We fly Sim Battles ONLY.

-We do roll in tanks from time to time, but only when one of us gets shot down in Absolute Sim events.




You are required to be in TS when flying in squads. If you just feel like going solo and don't feel like talking to anyone, its totally fine.

Discipline in the air is a must, but we don't run things military style. We joke around and laugh when there is time for it, but always switch to "Battle comms only" mode once we see the first contact. We strongly encourage our members to talk as much as they can during the fight while calling things out.

For comms we use either NNG official TS which can be found on our website or Sim Pilots TS @, which has become very popular because this is where pilots from different squadrons get together.



What's expected from our members and new recruits:


Be nice to your friends, pay attention and leave nonsense at the door.

Be active, be nice to members of other squadrons and respect them. We have been friends with TWB, Mercs, SiM and Jg76 for a long time and we do enjoy flying with them.


Our goals:


I'm not looking for quantity, I'm looking for quality and your personality comes first, since we can always make a better pilot out of you. :) 




Your trial is 2 weeks. You can apply to the squadron in game and you will be accepted. After the trial period ends, we will decide if NNG is the right fit for you.

You are required to go to our website, register and fill out an application, which is more of a formality than anything else, but we want to get to know you.


With that being said, good luck!

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