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Client 25.02.2015 (

  • Scope sight for aircraft being not transparent on minimal graphics setting fixed.

  • “Shaking” of aircraft when spawning on a carrier fixed

  • Spectator view after “death” fixed.

  • Dust/mud/earth colour on vehicles changed.

  • crew members animation  when they are knocked out in the vehicles with open turrets fixed. (except for Ostwind, Wirbelwind, ZIS-30, M19, M42).

  • М13/М15/М16 Damage model fixed. It cannot be destroyed by simply damaging armour with AP ammo.

  • М46 ”Tiger” temporarily removed from the shop for BR adjustment

  • М26Е1 artillery module added.

  • T32 received APCR ammo (T44 type)

  • Behind armour effect of APCR T44 shells, APCBC T43 shell and  APCR 10,5cm Pz.Gr 40 was increased

  • Decals of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Airforces moved from “Axis” category to “Neutral”.

  • Battle trophies removed temporarily from the game for improvement.

  • System that blocked battle rewards after teamkilling is temporarily removed for improvement

  • “Big” daily bonuses will be awarded on every 6th and 13th day instead of 7th and 14th


Note all changes apply to all platforms unless stated in the changelog!



Leave your feedback here!



The War Thunder Team

Stona (Posted )

Please uncheck WiP in launcher to DL patch. We will fix it ASAP
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