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Welcome and General Rules

Hello all and welcome to the War Thunder Forums Historic Section!


Here, you will find articles and discussions on the real life aspects of what War Thunder is based upon: the aircraft, the battles, the tactics and the people.


To quickly introduce myself; I’m one of the Historical Consultants for War Thunder. My specialist areas are British military aviation in the first half of the 20th Century, and naval aviation in the same period. I’ve published several books and magazine articles on these subjects and will try my best to answer any questions on these, or any other areas which fall under the time period covered by War Thunder. I am also a serving pilot in the Royal Navy, so will try my best to help with any general aviation questions.


So, what can this area of the forums do for you? We are here to:

  • Answer any questions about the real life, historical aspects of the periods of military aviation history covered by War Thunder. This includes the aircraft, campaigns, policies, tactics, pilots, aircraft designers, anything which you as the forum users are interested in and ask about.
  • Write articles to give further details on some of these key areas, aircraft or personalities. If there is an aspect of military aviation history which you would be interested to find out about, then by all means contact the moderators with ideas for interesting articles.
  • Display photographs of historic aircraft depicted in War Thunder. If you’ve recently visited a museum or been to an Air Show, the community would love to see your photographs here on the forums.
  • Discuss suggestions for historical improvements to the game. Do you have an idea which might improve the historical accuracy of the game without impacting the gameplay? Bring your ideas to the forums and the moderators will highlight the best ideas to the War Thunder development team.


What we are NOT here to do:

  • Discuss politics, be it modern or historical. Whilst we appreciate the sacrifices made by so many people of so many nationalities during the conflicts depicted in War Thunder, this is just a game. This is not the place to debate politics. Insulting veterans of any nation will not be tolerated in the Historical Boards and will lead to sanctions being imposed.
  • Insult, provoke or offend any other member of the War Thunder community. Debate and discussion is positively encouraged, but this is no place for insults or foul language. If you thrive off ‘flame wars’ or ‘trolling’ then I’m afraid this is not the forum for you. Again, see the point above: this is only a game.
  • Provide instant answers. As Historical Consultants, this is not our primary occupation; military aviation is. As much as we would like to, we cannot answer every query within a short time period and our situation is similar to other members of the team. We will try our best to address all points brought to these forums, but there will be delays.
  • This area of the forums is governed by the same rules as every other section of the War Thunder forums. In addition to this, given the nature of this area of the forums, any insults aimed at veterans of any service or any nationality will not be tolerated. Sanctions may be imposed on anybody breaking this rule.


If you have any other ideas of what you would like to see in the Historical section, please do contact me or any other member of the team and we will see if it can be accommodated. We look forwards to hearing from you!

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The Historical Section threads have been open for a couple of days now; thank to everybody who has got stuck in and created some interest here! I've already had a few questions sent my way, so I figured I would answer them here for everybody's benefit...


Q: What authority do you have to be talking about history, and where do you get your information from? I'd just like to know so that I know the information here is 100% accurate.


A: I'm afraid it's pretty hard to guarantee 100% historical accuracy. Pick up two history books on the same subject, or interview two veterans who were present at the same battle, and you'll get different accounts. So, unless it's cold, technical facts then not many people can guarantee 100% accuracy, even if they promise it. As for where I'm coming from, I've sold a few thousand books worldwide so within my area, I can hopefully give some pretty accurate information. If it's a really specific question, I've got contacts at a few museums who do this sort of thing for a living, so they'll be able to get more information. I'm afraid I'm no Stephen Ambrose, but here's a quick overview of some of the things I've published: 




As for aviation, as a current serving military pilot I'm afraid there is not much I can say on the internet due to personal security. I've done quite a bit of Search and Rescue, flown in some more hostile areas of the world, and am counting my hours in the thousands rather than the hundreds. Afraid I can't say much more than that!


Q: Since the internet can sometimes be less than reliable, can we have some reviews of books which the Historical Consultants think are trustworthy sources or just 'good reads' in general?


A: Great idea! That's something we can definitely provide here.


Finally - on the forums in general there are a few people who are not happy with certain aircraft. Now, War Thunder is still in Beta right now so there is always room for a few alterations here and there, so that is something which can be looked at. Flight Model testing is, however, a completely separate department, but what we can do here is look at the visual part of the aircraft; by this I mean the model and the skins. If you notice something wrong or inaccurate with a War Thunder aircraft, please contact me. I'm already on a one man mission to correct every last tiny detail with all of the War Thunder British aircraft, but I make as many mistakes as anybody else so would really appreciate any help offered. But, please remember that corrections will not happen over night! The development team are keen to get everything right, but there is also a list of priorities and the general consensus is that the community would rather get new aircraft and new maps than see that yellow stripe removed from the leading edge of a Hurricane's wing on the Battle of Britain skin, because the yellow stripes didn't come in until 1941...


Ok, that's it for now. Please do keep playing an active part in these forums, and if you have an area of expertise which you think we are not covering here and you can offer your services by volunteering to help out on this forum, we'd love to hear from you!

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The forum Historical Consultants team is currently having a bit of a re-format. This post is just a quick reminder that firstly we are here to try to help with questions on the forums, write historical articles and features and run the occasional competition. Most forum HCs are not consultants to the development of the game itself. So, to introduce the team:



Nationality: British

Main areas: British aviation in World War 2, Naval Aviation

Secondary areas: US, German, Soviet and Japanese aviation in that order

Areas it's not worth asking me about: Tanks and boats!

Experience in this field: Serving military pilot with Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, published author with Osprey Publishing and FlyPast magazine amongst some others.



Nationality: USA

Main Areas: USN and IJN ships, submarines and naval aviation. WWII era German and Russian armor and aviation.

Secondary: WWII era British armor and aviation, Kriegsmarine.

Don't ask: USA armor, Japanese ground forces, jets.

Prior Experience: Service in both USN and US Army Reserves.

Etc:  With a few exceptions, I am more knowledgeable of the circumstances and people who used or commanded those who used the planes, tanks and ships and the stories behind them then I am of detailed mechanical specifications and such.


Nationality: French Canadian
Main areas: Canadian implication during World War 2, WWI/II Strategies and tactics
Secondary areas: Tanks, equipment, research
Areas it's not worth asking me about: Korean War, Cold War.
Amount of Books in my bookshelves: 200+ for your pleasure, you can always ask me to research in my books/Archives, I’ll never turn down a worthy research subject
Pony51 (short for P-51 Mustang)

Nationality: American of Czech heritage

Languages: English (Texan), Czech, some Japanese.

Main areas: Primarily 1935~1942 Luftwaffe, especially bombers, with strong knowledge of RAF/RN and USAAF/USN, especially aircraft technology.  Also fortifications like Maginot and Czech wall.

Secondary areas: WW2 in general,

Areas it's not worth asking me about: Russian equipment and post Korean war.

Experience in this field: Aircraft pilot (SEL) and mechanic, CAF member and spent time restoring and documenting LW bomber technology.




Nationality: Australian

Languages: English

Main Areas: WW2 Tanks

Secondary area: Individual Personnel

Areas it's not worth asking me about: WW2 Aircraft

Prior experience: Served with 42 RQR as company signals and attached to Recon

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