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Improving queue times in Aircraft Realistic Battles



Dear Pilots!


Many players in aircraft “Realistic Battles” are waiting for extended periods to get into a session because of the lack of players for required vehicles in the queue. To significantly reduce the waiting time and improve the balance in these sessions, we are introducing the chance of being put into sessions with mixed nations.
Players in ground forces “Realistic Battles” can already see a positive effect with the enabling of this mechanic. If there are enough players in the queue, they will always get into battles with different nations for different teams. But if there are not enough players in the queue for a specific rank and the match creation either takes far too long or the teams become too unbalanced - then the matchmaker can create a session with mixed nations.
This change will not only reduce the waiting time to get into combat, but will also grant us the possibility to further improve our matchmaking, allowing it to have a greater variety of improvements to create better matches for players as a result.
Keep an eye out for our updates.



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The War Thunder Team

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