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Looking for a Squadron. (USAF Preferrably)

Hey, Im looking for a USAF - Squadron, since Im playing the US - Faction

Im from Australia, but Ping in the game doesn't effect me at all when flying

Ive got a Headset; Teamspeak 3, Mumble

Played Other Flight Sims: WW2 Online, Il-2Sturmovik, & this.

Im a level 5 USAF Pilot & Nearly, Level 6.

Ive got a Joystick, (If I need it)

Im hopefully looking for a Fun Squad, I Dont mind either if your Serious.... as long its fun.... and hopefully doing some Realism Battle Squads e.t.c.

I speak only English as well sorry.

& I dont mind Starting a New Nation Perhaps the USSR, or Germany, but preferrably USAF.

Thank you!

My Only Policy is that your arn't Children.. & Squeek, till my ears bleed.

Thank you! :D

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6th Staffel. II. Gruppe. Jagdgeschwader 77 (IIJG77_) is recruiting!


We are recruiting pilots of any experience, of any level, ANY AIRCRAFT, to fly with us, learn the game, learn the comradeship, learn the experience of flying with a squadron and join in our Multi-Gaming community.


I’m tier 8 in the US line myself currently, I’ll be more than happy to move aircraft around to match your tier.


We pride ourselves in being open, friendly, focused on improving our members through training and regular special events.


We have our own TeamSpeak3 server with channels available for all our games, no you don’t have to fly just German aircraft!


If that sounds like something you might be interested in feel free to visit our website:


Or if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them, just drop me a message.


I’ll be online quite late tonight (10pm UK time) if you want to add me to your friend list and Squadron up.





6th Staffel,

II. Gruppe,

Jagdgeschwader 77

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Goodday! MATE!

I'm Rampy from TXG We play mostly uk/eu time but over the past couple of nights i've brought in round 4/5 auzzie lads that are over 18+ mate so you wont be alone :-)

Anyway check us out


And it not matter about with plane you fly they all have there pro's and con's even the Russian are OP like something out of Star Wars!! lol 

Hope to speak to yeah soon :)


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Hey there.


If you're looking for a group to fly with. Take a look at -SkyHawks- (Resistance Social Gaming Network) I believe we do hold what you're searching for. (Anyone advertising themselves would say that) Just check out our recruitment thread and good luck in the skies.





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SAC is a casual gaming clan and only require 18yrs+ and TS3.


I myself is CST and we are based in NA.


If you want to squad up hit me up in game or message me


SAC_DeathBrigade - In-Game Handle.


You can search for players SAC_ if you are interested. Anyone can help you out.


We do have a Dedicated TS server.

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hey man you should check us out :) we are a casual/laidback gaming community thus we are called We don't care how good a player you are only that you have fun :)


Just drop a application on our site (more like a personal introduction...real easy :P) then you can come join us. We use Skype at the moment but are thinking about teamspeak. We have 11 active members but always looking for more.


P.S. While we do take anyone and everyone no matter their age we do expect maturity so you shouldn't find squeakers with us haha. :Ps

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