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G8N1 MG Turret Armament Typo

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The G8N1 on the dev server is listed to have


"Turret x2: 13.2 mm Type 2 machine gun x 1)"

"Turret x1: 13.2 mm Type 2 machine gun x 2)"





This is a typo. There was never a 13.2mm Type 2. The actual guns were the 13mm Type 2 or the 13.2mm Type 3. Another user tried to explain this, but due to what I suspect is a language barrier, he wasn't able to fully articulate the issue in english.


This also is a near duplicate of the bug submitted for the B7A2 for 1.45. This "bug" can be interpreted in two different ways:


  1. Typo -> G8N1 and B7A2 use the correct "13mm type 2", but are mislabeled as "13.2mm type 2"
  2. Wrong Gun -> G8N1 and B7A2 incorrectly use "13.2mm type 3", but are correctly labeled as "13.2mm type 3"

I'm going to assume option #1 --> that the guns are just incorrectly labeled but accurately modeled


Lassar already submitted his own documents so it saves me some time from translating everything from Japanese to english, because it presumes he already had to in order to model the G8N1. As such, I'm only going to translate the relevant bits.



Not a bug 









Lassar's first source comes from Famous Airplanes of the World 90 - Nakajima G5N 'Shinzan' & G8N 'Renzan'. On the bottom right, the caption for the side gunner translates to "type 2 13mm". In Japanese, the two characters in "二式13mm" translate to ni-shiki ---> ni being the phonetic pronunciation for the numeral two and "shiki" meaning "type".


There's an additional page in that book with a table that also specifies "二式13mm"





Lassar's second source comes from Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War by R.J. Francillon. The text document is in English, and it clearly states "13mm Type 2".


Additional sources come from the B7A2 thread. 

Source #3: Japanese Aircraft Equipment 1940-1945 by Robert C. Mikesh, confirms there was only ever a "13.2mm type 3" and a "13mm type 2". No "13.2mm type 2"






Source #4: Japanese Ammunition Leaflet B11: Japanese Ammunition for 13 mm Type 2 & 13.2 mm Type 3 Machine Guns, Kirkee 1945 (link, section B11), also corroborates the same information in source #3.








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