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Flight Sim Fantics looking for some WT Squadmates

Hello fellow WT pilots,

We're looking for some War Thunder pilots interested in joining us over at Flight-Sim-Fanatics.com. War Thunder is a fairly new game to us as a majority of members fly the DCS series, FSX, and BMS sims. There are a few of us (including myself) who have just started playing WT and still working on getting to grips with it, but we are learning. I for one am having a blast with it!

I just wanted to put this out there in this forum for those of you looking for others to fly with. Our community consists of about 300 members (and growing), mostly UK and US based. So we have a wide variety of timezones that people fly. FSF has had a web presence for about a year and half now.

Our community of virtual pilots are also considered casual. What I mean is, we do not require a commitment of time from members, we hold no alarm clock ops, don't require members to be proficient in phonetics, military lingo, or anything like that.

FSF was founded on the core value of having fun flying with others online in a more casual environment, but one still conducive to learning. And though we are a flight sim community, we can occasionally be found playing other games like Arma, Battlefield, COD etc.

We do have our own TS server and the only requirement to using it is being an FSF member as this promises limited slot availability to already active members. So if you're interested, come check us out, get registered and introduce yourself. My usual available times that I fly are Mondays and Tuesdays from about 12pm MDT on and some Sundays. However, we have consistent participation throughout the week from the member base.

If you have questions about anything -- don't hesitate to ask.




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