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  • Visuals of the shells in Kill and Hit camera will now appear more realistic.
  • Fixed error in “Hit Camera” which led to all crew members appearing as “unconscious”.
  • Fixed errors with wrongly displayed shell impact visuals  on ground vehicles.
  • Fixed error with wrong ammunition display in ground vehicles.
  • Animations for disabled crew have been fixed.
  • In the Arbiter and Replay modes you are now able to zoom out from observed vehicles.
  • Some render optimizations for DirectX 11 and Open GL
Changes listed below will be implemented in game servers within 24 hours:
  •  Fixed error with reloading on the vehicle spawn point
  •  Tank spawn on slopes and non-level ground has been fixed. A vehicle will only spawn on ground able to fully support it.
  •  In modes without HUD, aircraft without an interior will display the HUD.
  •  Fixed incorrect horizontal aircraft wobble in the air events for arcade tank  battles.
Note all changes apply to all platforms unless stated in the changelog!
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