Update 15.01.2015 (

  • Ability to manually sort vehicle setups has been added.
  • An error that led to wrongly selected crew member when players would select vehicle setup has been fixed.
  • Fixed an error where the fog effect would apply in addition to the haze effect.
  • Self reflections have been fixed (they would not show in many cases).
  • Possibility of using zoom has been added to the Spectator mode in Free Cam" because in default "follow player" mode you can't unzoom.
  • Spectator Mode – players that did not appear in the battle will no longer be displayed in the list of available players to switch for viewing.
  • Multiple optimizations have been implemented.
  • Many fixes for different rare client crashes.


Update 15.01.2015 - Server Update

  • “Critical Hit” award will no longer be given for setting enemy ground vehicle on fire.
  • Logic of kill credit for ground forces has been changed. Now destroyed vehicles are awarded to players who inflicted the last damage and not to the players who set the enemy on fire.
  • “Critical Hit” awards will now be given out after a player knocks out the second member of the crew.
  • Fixed an error that would happen when you loaded the last available shell yet it still would be calculated in the tank ammo rack, which led to a possibility of ammo explosion after an enemy hits the module.
  • Changes to ground forces vehicle re-spawns: if there is no possibility of being able to be spawn on unoccupied ground, then the player vehicle will become temporarily non-solid and therefore he won’t collide with other allied vehicles. After 1.5 seconds of being clear of collisions - the vehicle becomes solid again.
  • Fixed number of shells in Jagdpanther and Pz.Bfw. Jagdpanther from 57 to 60 rounds.
  • Fixed armour thickness of mantlet on the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf E.
  • Fixed thickness of rear armour, bottom armour and upper engine compartment armour on StuG III Ausf G.
  • Fixed thickness of upper side armour on the M22.
  • Fixed CG position and point of inertia on the M26, M46 tanks and the Panzerjager Tiger SPG.
  • Fixed gear ratios in the transmission of the M26.
  • Fixed gear ratios in the transmission of the IS-1 and IS-2.
  • Fixed combat weight of IS-2 from 44 to 46 tons.
  • Fixed engine power, gear ratios, and the speed in different gears of the KV-1 and KV-2.
  • Ammunition on the KV-2 now includes the semi-armour piercing projectile PB-35.
  • The M22 M3 gun now replaced by M6 gun.
  • Angle of elevation on the KV-1 L11 corrected -6/25 -7/25 up.
  • Angles of elevation on the KV-2 corrected -3/18 -5/12
  • 90mm projectile M77 replaced with 90mm T33 round.
  • Fixed parameters of mass and initial velocity for the armour piercing effect of the M-10T gun.

Note all changes apply to all platforms unless stated in the changelog!

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*Additional crash fixes added in version
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