[Event] Chronicles of World War II - Simulator Special


Dear players!

The event mode in War Thunder makes an incredible combination of game modes and challenges on various maps and settings possible. The previous month, players have participated in daily specials which offered an opportunity to take part in mixed battles for aircraft and armoured vehicles or in aerial combat mode in realistic or arcade conflict locations.


From 12:00 GMT on January 15th to 11.00 GMT on January 20th

Take part in a bonus event specifically tailored for simulator enthusiasts enjoying combined battles in War Thunder. It will take place in the familiar locations of the Poland & Eastern Europe maps, with two teams battling it out in some of the more popular vehicles. The following settings have been added to the original Simulator settings:

  • There are no HUD markers for any vehicles;
  • There are no minimap markers for any vehicles
    (except aircraft, squad mates and tanks of the player);
  • There are no HUD instruments (speed, altitude, compass, weapons, etc).

In addition, players will be able to join an already running session (JIP - join in progress) at any time during the first 10 minutes, thus it is unlikely that any team will achieve victory due to the destruction of all enemy vehicles. Have you got what it takes?

At any time, you can disable join in progress by deselecting it in the game options.


The War Thunder Team

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Wibox (Posted )

The event has been extended for one day until January 20th!
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