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Intelligent Assault by the Red Legion is recruiting

Red Legion is a unit founded 15 years ago for competition in the Mechwarrior series of games. We participated and were leaders in the netbattletech planetary league. Several of us have begun playing War Thunder and are interested in forming a full unit for this game as well.


If you are interested, you must be able to speak and understand english clearly, have a mic and use teamspeak 3, and be willing give and take constructive criticism among a broad group of adults who are all here have fun and carry each other to victory.


Check out our new website, or our longstanding mechwarrior team website at


Feel free to drop in on our open teamspeak 3 server and join a squad for some battles and see how you might be a good fit with us.  no port and no password.


Good hunting,


Col. Axen Marik

Red Legion Mercenary corporation

Intelligent Assault initiative

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