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Looking for a serious squadron

Hey there.


If you're looking for a group to fly with. Take a look at -SkyHawks- (Resistance Social Gaming Network) I believe we do hold what you're searching for. (Anyone advertising themselves would say that) Just check out our recruitment thread and good luck in the skies.







On another note. Having fun is a good thing, you know? So how about some Serious fun?

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TXG is not just a clan its a family



If you want to join please do not hessitate to post in here or PM Derpy_winegum.


we may be a clan but we treat each other like family, we play hard but have fun harder we are active 24/7 and we want more active members to fly the



we dont have any set rank or countrey as we feel every one is equal regardless of skill or rank.


we ask that you be active and have team speak as we it to communicate in game.


Q- how can i find out if TXG is right for me


A- simply ask if you can play a few games with us so you get to know the members and see if we are right for you


for more info on TXG please visit the website @ and if you are feeling brave and want to jump in feet first fill in the application form.


Tally Ho bandits Low

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