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Developers about M4A1


Vyacheslav BVV_d Bulannikov, game-designer
“We just had to make this model – it has a beautiful cast hull which embodies the development of American tank design. Apart from that, the tank just looks great!”
Eduard Borisov, lead artist
“Note the rubberized tracks – this was a technical solution that was actually characteristic of American tanks.”
“The gun mantlet here is from the very earliest versions, the narrow one.  Later on, the Shermans received wider and more reliable gun mantlets. On this Sherman, like on other tanks, you can see its number and marking – for example, on the gearbox’s protective piece at the front. This isn’t a real number, we don’t want to attach it to a specific tank model – it’s more important to us to transfer the spirit of the tank, a generalized collective model of it.”
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The War Thunder Team
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