Client 18.12.2014 (

Update 18.12.2014 (

  • Error that led to wrong display of tank armouring while player is in the queue has been fixed

  • Game mode selection has been improved

  • Added difference in icons of queue depending on type of vehicle selected by player

  • Error that led to wrong display of water and oil temperatures on the UI has been fixed.

  • Issue that led to wrong fuel load being allocated after player selected the amount before the battle starts has been fixed.
  • Render optimization.
  • A few crash fixes (mostly on incorrect\broken data files)
  • Small optimizations (mostly relevant for new tank maps)


  • Error which led to ability to rotate the rest of the cannons in multi-cannon machines while one was completely disabled has been fixed.
  • Anti-air and paired machine guns are now linked to a specific member of the crew (anti-air to commander or loader, paired to gunner) and if that crew member is disabled it will be impossible to use these machine guns.
  • Error that led to it being impossible to replace disabled crew members on the M13/M16 has been fixed.
  • Camera view “from commander” on M41 Walker Bulldog has been fixed.
  • For ISU-152 and SU-152 the proportional load of the shells to each module has been set up and they now used together.
  • Amount of respawns for Soviet reserve tanks T-26 and BT-5 has been limited to 2 until new reserve tanks for USA and Germany has been added.


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