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eWL is Looking for Squadrons!



Earlier I made a post for my team but also added in that the league I run is looking to get into WT. So We have tested the matchmaking settings in game and have found what we believe is a comfortable setup for league play. Currently we support MechWarrior 4, StarCraft 2, DOTA 2, and now WarThunder! We will tweak things after an evaluation period and add as needed. With that said, we need Admins to help run the WT Ladders, and so we ask that you post your interest in such on our league forums.


Moderator Applications


For some background, we recently switched to a new host and league software which originally was a MechWarrior 4 league (separate from the one we originated in, in an attempt to regain interest in the 12 year old game) so we lost most of our members in the move and the announcement of Open Beta for MechWarrior Online (which at this time does not have a matchmaking system conducive to league operations). However with the new software, our capabilities as a league have greatly increased and so now we just need members and activity.


I am interested in hosting no entry fee, prize & cash prize tournaments, etc. and I think WarThunder could be that game that enables us to grow and become a recognizable name in Online Gaming. 


So if you feel like your team is ready to compete, and establish itself as a top flight team of our league, come on by and register! 




Hell's Black Aces

eWarrior Leagues Admin

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