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=HBA= Hell's Black Aces are Recruiting!

Newer team to War Thunder, looking for new members!


Currently we play games such as MechWarrior Online, Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), StarCraft 2, BF3, and various others. We sit at roughly 40 members, and not all members play War Thunder but it's starting to catch fire within the team (Around 10-15 of us play). So we are looking for the experienced and non, to help us grow here and learn.


We are started in 2007 as Team †Legacy† in MechWarrior 4 which most of us had played for nearly 12 years (5 years as a team) and we shot up the ranks in the league we played in out of 33 at the time to top 3 in approximately 7 different ladders, battling until the game finally died off over the years holding onto #1 in several of the ladders for weeks to even months at a time. So when we play something, we learn it, we recruit, till we ace it.


If you feel you have something to bring to the team, then come check us out and give us a look over.





On a side note, I own and operate a league in which recently switched to a new host and league software which originally was a MechWarrior 4 league (separate from the one we originated in, in an attempt to regain interest in the 12 year old game) so we lost most of our members in the move and the announcement of Open Beta for MechWarrior Online (which at this time does not have a matchmaking system conducive to league operations). However with the new software, our capabilities as a league have greatly increased and so now we just need members and activity. I am interested in adding some ladders, and competitions for War Thunder, so as a WT veteran you would be able to provide some helpful info for us to break into the competitive scene of WT as a league. I am interested in hosting cash prize tournaments, etc.


The league site can be found at http://www.eWarriorleagues.com




Hell's Black Aces 

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