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[In Development] Steel Generals: M2A4 Light Tank


After the Spanish Civil War, most armed forces, including the U.S. Army, realized that they needed combat tanks armed with proper guns, not only machine guns.The US cavalry had already opted for a single, larger turret on its nearly identical M1 Combat Car. So in December 1938, a directive was given for a single M2A3 to be removed from the assembly line and modified with heavier armour and weapons to meet this revised thinking. This vehicle, after conversion, was re-designated as the M2A4.


The new light tank was equipped with a M5 37 mm main gun, 1 inch (25 mm) of armour, and a 7 cylinder gasoline engine. Other upgrades included improved suspension, improved transmission, and better engine cooling. Production of the M2A4 began in May 1940, for a total production run of 375 M2A4 light tanks.









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