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[Development] The road ahead in War Thunder




Pilots and tank drivers!


Not long ago, we showed you our first teaser which showed American ground vehicles for the first time. You can already see some of them in the Developers Blog. There are going to be many more of them in update 1.45: we're planning roughly thirty vehicles.




US Ground Forces: An overview


We're trying to add the most famous and recognizable American vehicles to War Thunder.


To begin with, we're planning four lines: self-propelled guns, light tanks, medium tanks and a group which will include heavy tanks and assault tanks. The American tanks differ from other tanks in several ways:


  • they have high gun elevation angles, which allows them to fire even from low-angle back-slopes;

  • the later models are less flammable due to their “wet” ammo racks;

  • the powerful weapons on American tanks often used solid shells (with no detonating charge), which is both an advantage and a disadvantage – reduced after-penetration effects compensate for the high penetration of these shells.


On the whole, American tanks are pretty high-tech, with decent armor and good weaponry.




Flight Models updated to ‘Tournament Standard’


In update 1.45, we're planning to bring all the flyable models of currently available aircraft up to “tournament” standard. This means that the basic flight characteristics of all in-game aircraft will correspond to their characteristics in real life within an acceptable degree of approximation. After this, we'll work only on adjusting the behavior of individual aircraft unless proven as incorrect or bugged (more details about our progress in adjusting aircraft behavior). This work is constantly in progress.


In conclusion, all the aircraft will be in a state in which their in-game performance won't change significantly. You'll be able to be certain that after a year, your aircraft will be basically the same as it was when you got it.




Experimental Changes in Realistic and Simulator Battles


We're also planning some experiments with Realistic and Simulator air battles. In Realistic Battles, these will be experiments with matchmaking (the system of selecting and balancing teams). Matchmaking in Realistic Battles isn't just the subject of forum debate, but also is a very difficult task.


We don't just want balanced and fun battles, we also want to avoid long queues, and that's a serious challenge for our balancer, which we're continuing to work on.


In Simulator Battles, we're going to try a new mode which has been in development for around a year already – an infinite session (JiP - Join in Progress).




Future Plans: Tournaments


Our tasks for the more distant future are new developments for active players who have reached certain levels of development in the project.

These are, first of all, tournaments. Right now, tournaments are relatively classical e-sports events held with organizers and arbiters. We plan to bring the e-sports element to a wider audience with open ranked tournaments.


These tournaments will be events held with matchmaking using an Elo system (a method of rating player skill in games, like the Elo system in War Thunder races). This system selects the best-suited opponent for you in terms of experience.


Victory in these tournaments will be awarded according to a ratings table, and in some cases, intermediary results may be calculated before the end of the tournament.


We're also planning a playoff-style variation in open tournaments. This is more fun both for participants and viewers, but harder to organize. In the standard rated tournament described above, you can begin and end your participation in the competitions at any time; the playoff variation will require more organization both from you and from us. This is why we're working on expanding the capabilities of both our tournaments and their organizers. LAN and online tournaments will become a great development in War Thunder e-sports.


We're working on direct streaming from the game, along with other tools. We want to eventually reach a point where professional players can earn real money just by playing their favorite game, like in a real professional sport. Without leaving the house.




Future Plans: Battle Tasks and In-Game Items


Battle tasks. Apart from experimenting with modes and continuing our work on the game's physics engine, renderer, technical aspects and design, we're also carrying out in-game offers and events and testing experimental modes and time-limited tasks. We've collected a lot of reviews and opinions and gained some experience from holding such events, and we now know for sure that players like such events and just like something new in the gameplay.


We came to the conclusion that we should try to make a system of personal battle tasks. This means that a player will select the tasks he prefers and wants to complete out of a number of tasks offered to him. Battle tasks will be an aspect of gameplay running parallel with the main game. War Thunder players are familiar with such tasks, it's just that this time, they'll be unique for each specific player.


We're going to introduce all this in the form of a system of in-game items. These items will be rewards and will provide the ability to give tasks to other players. That means you, as a player, can give tasks to other players using this system.




Future Plans: War Thunder’s Release and Continuous Development


Now let's move on to the more distant future, to the game's release.


People often ask us: “When is the release?” and we answer: soon.


Firstly, the game has been in active development since the end of 2010, which is four years as of now. This is a longer than usual development period for projects like this. At the same time, the project has been in open beta for two years, and the game has changed more over this period than some other games do. This means the development time is not so long.


Secondly, it's worth noting that the OBT is something we absolutely needed in order to develop the game. War Thunder is huge, large-scale and so varied that without the active participation of our players, we simply wouldn't be able to effectively continue development. The project will be as you see it now, as you play it now. This means the two-year beta test was the minimum time we needed.


But the game will be released in 2015. We won't stop developing the game after the release, the release will just mean a consolidated concept of War Thunder. That means that if you launch the game in half a year or even a year, it won't have changed fundamentally, you'll still recognize the game and won't have to relearn everything. In contrast, if you compare what War Thunder was two years ago to what it is now, you see two completely different games. You have to learn everything over again and learn the game mechanics from scratch.


After release, the project's development plan includes naval warfare and global war, but these aren't things that will change the game for everyone. We already have two types of forces, and global war is already part of the high-level content described above. These are War Thunder's development plans.


Thank you to all our loyal players for being with us along this road.





You can discuss it here!

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