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The Wikipedia Editors - Introduction


From the Wikipedia Editors.


"We, the Wikipedia Editors, would like to explain to the community on what our role is, and what goes on in the Wikipedia Itself. 

All Wikipedia Editors were volunteers. When the job option became available, we were carefully selected and spoken to about what we would be doing and were recognised for our skills and knowledge on Wikipedia itself. 

We manage, maintain, create and write within the Wikipedia. All of the content we create is for the public to read and enjoy and we are very proud in the work we do. All content is not written for the purposes of filling random information. We are constantly researching, and dedicating our time to the Wikipedia, and we hope that you enjoy reading our articles, as much as we enjoy writing them. 

We are not, and do not claim to be paid in any way shape or form. We have no advantages, receive no special treatment, we maintain the ability to moderate within the allocation of Wikipedia Section but we are justified under normal rules that still apply. We as Wiki Editors, are more than willing to offer our services, and help out in anyway we can. Were all friends here, so don't hesitate to ask us anything related, or even unrelated because we are here as members of the community as much as anyone else.

Were going to end this off by saying that we are glad to be Wikipedia Editors, and we hope that we create a great, and somewhat, amazing Wikipedia for War Thunder and its players. Thank you." 

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